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InterDigital Communications (IDCC)7330135.46
Das Kaffeestube (KAFFEE)14904275.42
Beldin's Bar & Grill (HOOTERS)119422.07
Rant II (RANT II)401174.12
(The) Pope's for real stock market report (POPE)30382561.46
Food For Further Thought (FFFT)37452692.12
Everything Nuclear (NUCLEAR)5349.87
Religion (RELIGION)186734.51
History (HISTORY)4899.04
Catastrophe (CATASTROPHE)841.55
Coalition (COALITION)4528.35
The D.C. Shuffle (POLITICS)5942109.82
The Dollars & Sense Table (ROUND)12610233.06
Acts of Terror (ACTS OF TERROR)62811.61
Foreign Scene (FOREIGN SCENE)69312.81
Texas Tea (TT)99618.41
Medical Info (HEALTH)101018.67
Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB)131124.23
Constitutional Corner (CONSTITUTION)8958165.58
obituary board (FAREWELL)118321.87
Child Abuse (CHILD ABUSE)3115.75
The Trust Matrix (ALEA)21384395.40
Ecology (ECOLOGY)1292.39
Believe It or Not (BELIEVE IT OR NOT)3977.34
Social Security-Retirement Issues (SOCIAL SECURITY)1061.96
Con? (CON?)270.50
Apple Computer (AAPL.)701.29
Alternative Energy (ALTERNATIVE ENERGY)571.05
Animal Rights (ANIMAL RIGHTS)631.17
Alternate Lifestyles (ALTERNATE LIFESTYLES)2524.66
Atomic Bob's Golden Thread (ABGT)3516.49
Photography Exposed (PHOTO)210.39
Recipes (RECIPES)751.39
A Gathering of Survivors (TELECOM)130.24
A Gathering Place for Stuff (STUFF)510.94
Travel (TRAVEL)410.76
Right to Die (RIGHT TO DIE)100.19
Wikileaks (WIKILEAKS)801.48
Plight of the homeless (HOMELESS)160.30
Americans in Need (SHAME)310.57
AT&T (T)1252.32
Liberty All Star Equity (USA)701.30
Holocaust Survivors (HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS)2664.93
Artists in Their World (ARTISTS)430.80
Innovations in Science (SCIENCE)791.47
Cool Videos (COOL VIDEOS)80.15
Never Forget (NEVER FORGET)951.77
Casavantes Mining Kimberlite International Inc (CMKX/ETGMF)170.32
Education (EDUCATION)520.97
The King's Revenue (KING'S REVENUE)1132.11
Admin Announcements (ADMIN_TALK)1522.84
Suggestions (SUGG 4 SITE)60.11
Hoping for Justice (JUSTICE)150.28
Broken Promises (BROKEN PROMISES)190.36
Domestic Matters (DOMESTIC MATTERS)510.95
PC Advice (PCADVICE)3205.98
Patriot (PDSG)91317.07
Aerospace and Defense (AEROSPACE & DEFENSE)57210.70
Folding at Home (F@H)191835.89
Abomination beyond Civility (ABOMINATION)160.30
UFOs (UFOS)370.69
Strauss-Kahn (STRAUSS-KAHN)2133.99
Old & New Tools, Collections (TOOLS)60.11
Wheels and Wings (WHEELS)140.26
A Bunch of Jokers (JOKES & ?)110.21
Slavery Today (SLAVERY TODAY)130.24
IMF/World Bank (IMF/WORLD BANK)1212.27
War Crimes/Criminals (WAR CRIMES)150.28
The Bible Fundamentalist Fellowship (TBFF)69413.13
Roma (ROMA)120.23
Interviews (INTERVIEWS)60.11
Sargy's Electric Tavern (BONG)480.91
Tabloids (TABLOIDS)1593.04