Forum Rules

Welcome to Atomic Bob's Golden Thread. I hope you enjoy these message boards as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. If you are a well adjusted human being, you probably don't need to read the rules. But, I had to put "something" under this link so here they are.

  1. The KING of all Rules
  2. A new #1 rule.

    Don't post copyrighted material from other sites! ALWAYS Post the LINK! Any complaint will cause it to be removed. If you are found to repeatedly violate this rule, your posting priviledges will be removed.

    A GOOD RULE OF THUMB... Do not copy-and-paste entire articles onto this discussion forum. When referencing copyrighted work, post a short excerpt (Perhaps a heqadline and one short paragraph) with a link back to the original.

    If you are a content owner, and have found content here that you would like removed, please contact me and it will be taken down as quickly as possible. abgtbob -at-

    Do not post any links to the Denver Post or Las Vegas Review Journal.

    Don't do anything to make my life a pain in the butt! Don't assume that somewhere you hang out will always be there! You, or your favorite hangout, could be deleted at any moment. I will not feel remorse or regret. Cya later bye! Example...don't take a private message you may have and repost it here without permission and then whine when it gets removed! If I removed it, I removed it because I wanted to, not because something in "my rules" said I have the right to. Don't start quoting my "rules". My rules are to make sure that while I try and have a place for my buddies to hang out and post, that at the same time, I don't get bothered by any number of irritations, including but not limited to, whiny complaining bitches, psychopathic complainers and paranoids, lawyers of any kind, other website owners, etc, etc, et-freakin-cetera! I don't want to hear complaints about what you're doing! That will inevitably get you on my bad side. My bad side is very intolerant and you may quickly find yourself seeking a new place to hang out. Very important to KNOW....Don't post anything if you don't know the legal ramifications of that post. I am NOT responsible for what you post and will give up every bit of info I have on you should a legal situation arise. This is not a hiding place where you can run amuck. YOU, the POSTER, are responsible for everything you post. Secondary to that is the board owner and moderators, voluntarily charged with policing the boards they own or are associated with. Atomic Bob's IS NOT going to read all this crap OR be held responsible for the crap that is posted here. As described below, ABGT's position is that everything that is posted here is an anonymous opinion, for humorous diversion and novelty reading only, and an outright lie and should not be taken seriously by anyone for any reason. So get over yourself, live and let live, and try and find something constructive to do with your life. As long as it is NOT becoming a pain in my butt. Or you will do it somewhere else. AB

    This is a private website. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. The site owner reserves the right to ban any member for any reason at any time. If you are banned from this site for any reason, your nickname may continue to be shown on pages in which your posts have been removed. These pages may plainly say you have been banned from Atomic Bob's website. You may be used as a bad example. By signing up you agree to this rule. (Hardly anyone ever really gets banned, so if you are one of the select few who find themselves kicked out of the clubhouse,

    Suggestions regarding the function or operation of the site are welcome, but complaining about the site really ticks me off. If you think the place sucks, or have an urge to tell me how to interpret my rules, you are more than welcome to go start your own website.

  3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you believe ANYTHING you read here.
  4. There is no control over what people post or what their motives might be. There is lying, cheating and stealing around every corner. AtomicBob' takes no responsibility for anything that anyone might say, although we will do our best to ban those that have nothing better to do that talk badly of others. Board owners are responsible for policing the boards that they own and keeping insulting and offensive posters removed.

    This means you.

    But if you think you can sue me for something you read here, then go ask your lawyer what a blog's liability is. All liability lies with the poster. Not the site owner.

    Again, for those who are slow in the mind...nothing here is true. Everything you read here is the figment of someone's imagination. Stock tips, personal opinions, football picks, investment advice, or what have you.....all lies.

    If you are looking for truth, go to church. A forum such as this, is no place to find reliable information.

  5. Don't complain that the site has bugs or that you "forgot your password and want it changed".
  6. I can't write code and can't seem to find someone willing and able to do it for me. So for now, the place is what it is. If you forget your password and can't log in, you have to create a new identity. If that doesn't work, you may be out of luck all together so write it down!

    I apologize, but sorry about your luck.

  7. No bashing other members.
  8. If you don't like someone, you don't have to read their posts. Poster bashing is grounds for having your membership privileges revoked. So save mean spirited comments and post them somewhere else. Everyone wants the same thing here. A cool, informative place to hang out with friends and other investors and make money.

    If you disagree with a post, feel free to voice your opinion and enlighten those less knowing, but please do it in a professional, informative manner. Try and stay on topic and not resort to talking about someone's mom. She didn't do anything.

  9. Try to keep language limited to what you might hear on network tv.
  10. $*^%(*%& works pretty good if you really need to let off some steam. This ain't no church, but it ain't no shipyard either. Show some class and everyone can enjoy reading..

  11. Do not post personal information you may have about another poster.
  12. Real life names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are all off limits. Board owners are ultimately responsible for controlling this. Please remove all posts referencing peoples personal info.

  13. Do not blame someone else if you lose money.
  14. assumes no responsibility for information found here. We make no endorsement of the posting members, their opinions, or any advise they might give. You, and you alone, are responsible for your trades. No poster, no matter how savvy a stock manipulator he or she may be, can reach through your screen and click the "BUY" and "SELL" button on your behalf. Be cool, trade smart and do your own due diligence, or forever hold your peace (That might be hard if you're holding their bag).

  15. Unused boards will be suspended.
  16. While we encourage board creation, please be advised that boards that do not have any traffic will eventually be deleted. This is necessary to maintain fast and efficient use of the database. Six months of no posting will signal the death of a board so if you want to keep it, post on it.

  17. Abusive posts will not be tolerated.
  18. We reserve the right to remove offensive or abusive posts at any time without notice. We will avoid removing posts if at all possible, and they will be archived for future reference. If you are a normal human being, your post will not be removed, but you are all familiar with the lowest of the low. Posters repeatedly getting their posts removed will lose their membership and posting privileges. This banishment will be based on IP addresses so we give no guarantee that the banned poster will not return as yet another life form.

  19. Do not trust members.
  20. does not research the background information of any poster, nor do we offer any guarantee that members are posting under a single alias. Anyone experienced with internet message boards knows that scam artists abound and will use these boards for their own gains, often at the expense of others. We strongly recommend that your investing decisions be based on your own due diligence. Maintain a certain amount of skepticism about everything you read here.

  21. If you believe a message has been intentionally posted in violation of securities laws you should contact the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC's e-mail address for complaints is Their mailing address is:
    SEC Division of Enforcement Enforcement Complaint Center Mail Stop 7-10
    450 Fifth St., NW Washington, D.C. 20549 1-800-SEC-0330 (toll free)

    You should be aware of the possible risks of on-line investing and market analysis. The SEC publishes information on cyberfraud. The NASDR provides analysis on how to invest carefully in the electronic world. The NASAA provides tips on how to avoid online investment schemes aimed at taking advantage of unsuspecting investors. Their websites are instructive and can be found at:

    Feel free to complain to me, but really now....who am I to judge?

  22. Guarantees are nonexistent.
  23. doesn't guarantee anything, in any shape or form. We promise to do our best to keep this thing running, fast and efficient. We promise to try and keep lower life forms from disrupting those who would rather not be disrupted. We promise to try and offer features that appeal to the masses, and do everything in our power to make this the best message board on the net. But guarantee? Yeah right. No guarantees.