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A place to keep track of who has left us of note in the nation and the world! Also, a place to leave your remembrances of anyone of note, or, of particular importance to you personally.
We have a real soft spot here for military people. If you have a relative or friend who served, no matter when, feel free to express yourself about them. If you hear of a death before I do, and want to post an obit but cannot find one, just go to wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here on the web, and copy the information you find there over to here.

As this board has evolved, our philosophy has become to find as many diverse entries as we can, from practically everywhere. We do this because an obituary is, in part, a history of our times.
We don't vouch for their accuracy because we remember that in the years following Abraham Lincoln's assassination in 1865, literally thousands of obituaries carried the claim that their namesakes had been at Ford's Theater when the deed was done. The theater simply didn't have that capacity, however, it was an odd way to pay tribute to the slain president!

As tax time is upon us this mid april, 2008, we reflect back on this board, its brief past, and its current mission. Farewell is back to where it began, a place where the deaths of figures in the mainstream news are to be reported. We realize that there are so many issues surrounding the mass reporting of copyrighted material from other web sites, that we have chosen not to any longer pursue that avenue of approach. The legacy of this board, in part, however, includes a large number of obituaries from many places reported during the months of January, February, and part of march, 2008. They might provide an invaluable training ground for those who might want to write obituaries on down the road. These are real obituaries from around the world contained here, and one does not need to depend on a link to get to them. I think that there is potential value in that! As always, anyone can post any obituary that they like, notable or not, in this place. And, we will continue to post issues surrounding death here as we find them.

As we approach the summer months, we have decided to take a more centrist view of this board. We will post a few paragraphs of each obituary, and, then, lead you to their source, at their web site through links. This way, we can honor more of those who need to be honored, with fewer copyright problems.

09-09-2008-We would like to reinterate that anyone is welcome to post any obituary that is important to them here at Farewell. If it is important to you, it is vitally important to us that we hear from you! Don't be bashful! An obituary is the celebration of a completed life!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FAREWELL--10-10-08! Farewell has, through this past year, become a treasure trove of accumulated obituaries and the history that accompanies them. The site will have between 1500 and 2000 passages by the time the year ends by current projections. We are doing our best to cross reference various obituaries with one another to enhance the readers experience here. However, if you want to find a particular individual listed in the over 1500 posts here, the best way to do it is to go to the forum main page and then go to the search feature found in the lower left hand area of that page. Simply type in the name of the person that you are looking for and proceed from there. We have no real idea of how many linked obituaries there are here at Farewell, but, we know that it numbers into the thousands. Many of our listings have multiple obituaries linked to them, sometimes numbering as high as ten per listing in some instances. This does not include the YouTube links which we attempt to add when we can find them. Nor does it include the Wikipedia links that appear here. As to how many various newspapers, magazines, and other sources that are linked here is anyones guess. They span the globe!

11-28-08: We have read some of the controversies surrounding the use of Wikipedia as a reliable source of information. We check most articles for, at least, footnoting. We read each article and compare it to the obituaries that we use to form the foundation of our research. We would point out that many obituaries have errors in them just as well.

Our general feeling about Wikipedia is that it has, does, and will have a profound influence on how information is presented both on the Internet and in the general world at large. There are other wiki encyclopedia sites out there, however, some of them have a definate political or philosophical bent to them, promoting a particular philosophy to the exclusion of what may be the truth. With the proliferation of so many sites, both on and off of the Internet, to receive information, we have found that essential truth is a very precious commodity indeed. Wikipedia's encouragement to write, participate, and contribute by common, and uncommon, people far outweighs any negatives that might come from its occassional misuse. With Wikipedia, all things are correctable! However, here at Farewell, once an article is put in place, it is there for the duration. So, we take our editing functions quite seriously. We will continue to use Wikipedia as our primary source in those instances where print legacy sources do not wish for us to use their material directly without charge or restriction. We will write capsule obituaries only in those cases where no wiki article is available! We are here to highlight the work of others ahead of our own!

01/02/09 There are positives to all things! When we get behind in our obituary postings, it also helps us to uncover errors and things that we can do better. Farewell is, first and foremost, an historical record of the dead and their passages. We do our best most of the time to be current in our postings, however, the historical attributes will always come first. We are posting these A.P. thumbnails because we have discovered that many newspapers do not keep links on this sort of thing for more than thirty days. We will be reevaluating the links that we post up in light of this revelation. It is our intention that, if we post a link, that it will be there for the foreseeable future. We are afraid that some of our links have become broken and, we are deeply sorry about that. We know the newspapers that we can trust to maintain links. We will begin to eliminate those who do not from our linking process. When we use the term "print legacy obituaries", we mean for it to be exactly that--a legacy for the reader to be able to refer!

So, we will post these thumbnails every month forward, and, beginning in January, we will also notate the accompanying Farewell post that corresponds with some of them. We will never write an individual post on all of them for any number of reasons. HOWEVER, WE DO FEEL THAT IT IS OUR DUTY TO AT LEAST NOTATE AS MANY PASSAGES AS WE CAN FOR THE HISTORICAL RECORD. You can use the Atomic Bob index feature located on the forum main page to locate an individual name inside of Farewell. We feel that the Youtube links will probably always be there due to Google's great preservation commitment in those areas.

06-04-09 Farewell Project 4000!

For those who have visited Farewell in the past few months, it is obvious that we have taken a break from the board. However, it is now time for that break to end. It is time to return to the labor of love that Farewell has always been. We have approximately five months of posting to catch up on. Since there are approximately seven months left in this year, we contemplate keeping current on the latest obituaries while we look back to post those that we have missed. Project 4000 meaqns that we think that we can have up to four thousand total posts on Farewell by december 31st, 2009. We arrived at this goal by simply looking at the number of posts that we did over our first year here at Farewell--2000!

We do not want to quantify something--a completed life--by reducing them to simple numbers because they are far to important for that. However, Farewell is one of the only places on the internet where a death is assigned a number. Life goes on and death is the end of that earthly experience. A completed life has so much to offer and to teach to each and every one of us. We rejoin you now in the exploration and presentation of that experience!



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03814 Eliezer Wiesel, 9/30/1928-7/2/2016 Yossel  04 Jul 2016  
12:39 PM
03813 Sheila MacRae! 92 "Honeymooners" television actress joe-taylor  10 Mar 2014  
10:30 AM
03812 Frank Jobe! 88 Sports surgeon who perfected Tommy John surgery for baseball pitchers joe-taylor  10 Mar 2014  
10:26 AM
03811 Kurt Chew-een Lee! 88 Marine hero joe-taylor  06 Mar 2014  
12:00 PM
03810 Sherwin B. Nuland! 83 Author of "How we die" joe-taylor  06 Mar 2014  
8:31 AM
03809 Justin Kaplan! 88 Pulitzer prize winning literary biographer joe-taylor  04 Mar 2014  
7:45 PM
03808 Tim Wilson! 52 Country comic joe-taylor  28 Feb 2014  
10:05 PM
03807 Jim Lange! 81 Television host of "The Dating Game" joe-taylor  28 Feb 2014  
10:01 PM
03806 Harold Ramis! 69 Comedic actor and director--one of the original Ghostbusters joe-taylor  25 Feb 2014  
8:27 AM
03805 Alice Herz-Sommer! 110 Pianist and oldest known holocaust survivor joe-taylor  25 Feb 2014  
7:46 AM
03804 Garrick Utley! 74 television newscaster joe-taylor  24 Feb 2014  
8:03 AM
03803 Walter Ehlers! 92 World war two Medal of honor winner joe-taylor  24 Feb 2014  
8:01 AM
03802 Maria Von Trapp! 99 Portrayed in "The sound of music" joe-taylor  23 Feb 2014  
8:45 AM
03801 Mary Grace Canfield! 89 Television character actress joe-taylor  18 Feb 2014  
8:43 AM
03800 John Henson! 48 Son of Muppets creator and puppeteer joe-taylor  16 Feb 2014  
7:30 AM
03799 Jim Fregosi! 71 Former baseball player and manager joe-taylor  14 Feb 2014  
7:03 PM
03798 Ralph Waite! 85 Actor best known for his portrayal as the father on the Waltons joe-taylor  14 Feb 2014  
8:48 AM
03797 Sid Caesar! 91 Pioneering early television comedian joe-taylor  13 Feb 2014  
8:21 AM
03796 Shirley Tample Black! 85 Iconic child actress and later a diplomat joe-taylor  11 Feb 2014  
10:38 AM
03795 Darryl Robinson! 50 Mixologist joe-taylor  07 Feb 2014  
9:45 AM
03794 Ralph Kiner! 91 Baseball Hall of Famer and broadcaster joe-taylor  07 Feb 2014  
9:26 AM
03793 Richard Bull! 89 Television character actor joe-taylor  05 Feb 2014  
7:02 AM
03792 Joan Mondale! 83 Former vice presidents spouse joe-taylor  03 Feb 2014  
8:55 PM
03791 Philip Seymour Hofffman 46 Actor joe-taylor  02 Feb 2014  
5:04 PM
03790 maximilian-schell 83 actor joe-taylor  01 Feb 2014  
6:52 PM
03789 Eric Lawson! 72 Former Marlboro man commercial star joe-taylor  28 Jan 2014  
7:39 AM
03788 Pete Seeger! 94 folk singer   joe-taylor  28 Jan 2014  
7:37 AM
03787 Roy Garber!! 49 "Shipping Wars" television actor joe-taylor  19 Jan 2014  
8:06 AM
03786 Cassandra Lynn Hensley! 34 Playboy playmate joe-taylor  18 Jan 2014  
7:19 AM
03785 Russell Johnson! 89 Actor best known as the professor on Gilligan's Island joe-taylor  18 Jan 2014  
7:17 AM
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