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Guten tag you all! Das Kaffeestube is for those IDCC investors who have been in this investment from the year 2000 or earlier. Those that know fully well what the term 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory' means because we have lived it...and continue to do so.

We are long and strong on IDCC. We love to discuss it and other great stocks. On slow days we'll discuss politics or religion just to spice things up.

What we don't do is bait and antagonize our fellow kaffestubers.

All are welcome.

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31367 Good night all. Be safe, happy, and have fruitful investments! eeee   tfwg  10 Mar 2017  
11:05 PM
31366 Hey guys Dukie Brown, Jr.  26 Jan 2017  
12:14 AM
31365 Re: Good morning All ...ZZ hope the shoulder thing woiks out. I'm young enough to still be running on original parts! eeee tfwg  13 Jan 2017  
9:19 AM
31364 Re: Good morning All tfwg  13 Jan 2017  
9:17 AM
31363 Re: Good morning All baglady  10 Jan 2017  
3:34 AM
31362 Re: Good morning All   lloboblanco  03 Jan 2017  
8:57 PM
31361 Re: Good morning All zzfan  29 Dec 2016  
8:48 AM
31360 Good morning All   lloboblanco  28 Dec 2016  
9:18 PM
31359 NYT: not just white folks, but unedgy-kated whites voted for him: Mr. Trump had an advantage in the traditional battlegrounds because most are whiter and less educated than the country as a whole. tfwg  19 Dec 2016  
8:15 PM
31358 MSM keeps ignoring the FACT the Russians did not do it.   hydro_gen  13 Dec 2016  
9:53 PM
31357 Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount: They just kept inserting the ballots... Dems to voters-Vote early and keep voting¡ tfwg  06 Dec 2016  
8:02 PM
31356 How bad was Hillary as a candidate? Catholics backed Mr. Trump in the general election by a 52 to 45 percent margin over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton eee tfwg  06 Dec 2016  
6:53 PM
31355 Ellison once advocated for American blacks to have their own nation and called the U.S. Constitution “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate ..Link lloboblanco  06 Dec 2016  
1:31 AM
31354 Pelosi: Dems Don’t Want “A New Direction”…....Dem Rep. Keith Ellison: House Democrats Will Do Nothing But “Vote No” While Trump Is President…e lloboblanco  06 Dec 2016  
1:30 AM
31353 AND EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY! "MSNBC Panel: Hillary 'Didn't Lose,' She Had a 'Successful Failure'" eeee tfwg  05 Dec 2016  
9:37 PM
31352 This is exactly what I hoped for! "Well, I don´t think that people want a new direction. Our values unify us," Pelosi told CBS´s "Face the Nation."eee tfwg  05 Dec 2016  
9:25 PM
31351 Re: Bobby: FYI tfwg  02 Dec 2016  
1:48 AM
31350 Bobby: FYI lloboblanco  01 Dec 2016  
12:26 AM
31349 But will they get refunds?...Foreign Donors Begin Pulling Out From Clinton Foundation...article lloboblanco  23 Nov 2016  
9:33 PM
31348 Finally, a politico gets it! "Gov. Nikki Haley said Friday that President-elect Trump did not win the presidential election by celebrating GOP values, but running against both major parties." eee   tfwg  19 Nov 2016  
1:05 AM
31347 Re: The tail is waving a FIXED dog. BUT US savings accounts will still return NUTTIN! eeee   tfwg  18 Nov 2016  
3:25 AM
31346 When it was clear that Trump was going to win, Paul Krugman made this prediction: We are, he went on, "probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight."   tfwg  18 Nov 2016  
3:24 AM
31345 The tail is waving a FIXED dog.   lloboblanco  17 Nov 2016  
6:24 PM
31344 Re: . I thought she moved to Canada. .....There are some problems....News Update from Canada   lloboblanco  16 Nov 2016  
11:09 PM
31343 Re: Noted Constitutional Scholar, Barbra Streisand, Urges Obama To Bypass Senate... I thought she moved to Canada. eeee   tfwg  16 Nov 2016  
9:54 PM
31342 Since the Trump win, FNMA shareholders are now working within the Pres. elect inner circle. Here are some more tea leaves...   tfwg  16 Nov 2016  
9:52 PM
31341 Noted Constitutional Scholar, Barbra Streisand, Urges Obama To Bypass Senate, Appoint Supreme Court Justice Unilaterally..e   lloboblanco  16 Nov 2016  
9:51 PM
31340 Re: I know you are not a gambler, but take alooksee at these tea leaves...   tfwg  11 Nov 2016  
10:25 PM
31339 Re ...Kill Em All, Fuck America: Remember all the protests? What I remember is 1 (Dem paid) skinhead at the Tea Party rally that enabled MSM to use as the Republican poster boy..e   lloboblanco  11 Nov 2016  
9:24 PM
31338 Re: I know you are not a gambler, but take alooksee at these tea leaves...   lloboblanco  11 Nov 2016  
9:21 PM
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