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Re: My boss is scaring me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

By: ribit in POPE IV | Recommend this post (2)
Thu, 02 Nov 17 1:20 PM | 62 view(s)
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...years and years ago I was getting feedback on my performance from a female supervisor. She said I was doing just fine but that a lot of the girls in the office thought I was a "male chauvinist pig". I says, "well what did ya expect out of that bunch of sniveling c*nts". She died laughing but these days it would likely get me fired.


Liberals are like a "Slinky". Totally useless, but somehow ya can't help but smile when you see one tumble down a flight of stairs!

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Re: My boss is scaring me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
By: Decomposed
Thu, 02 Nov 17 9:58 AM
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re: OK I ripped your reply up haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Probably a smart idea. In my experience, nothing can get a good employee in trouble like a sense of humor. You see, a lot of thin-skinned people out there don't have one. For them, what's only a joke gets converted into racism... sexism... homophobia... anti-environmentalism... fataphobia... you-name-it, but worst of all, FORMAL COMPLAINTS, which can be a real headache for both you and your boss, especially when whatever was said was, in reality, no big deal.

Once, it was whiners who didn't get tolerated at work. IMO, our society was a lot healthier then. Thanks to our courts, what's not tolerated today are the employees who have a sense of humor. If management doesn't deal with them, they run the risk of a lawsuit years down the road by some pansy-assed, snot-nosed liberal who gets her panties in a twist - and (always) lawyers who only see dollar signs.

How ribit survived an entire career with AT&T, I'll never know. Married the boss's daughter, I figure. 

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