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25302 CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Rewrites Donald Trump Tweet About ‘Treasonous’ Andrew McCabe   kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
7:09 AM
25301 3 children among 4 found dead after west Michigan shooting kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
7:01 AM
25300 AND NOW, A WORD FROM CHARLES…(miss him) kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:51 AM
25299 Man Pulls a Gun on Sam's Club Customer Wearing MAGA Hat   kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:46 AM
25298 Censored: Facebook Bans Conservative Articles on Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax   kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:43 AM
25297 Oh no, my designer died.............WHAT WILL I WEAR? kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:37 AM
25296 Farrakhan Praises Omar for Anti-Semitic Language: ‘You Have Nothing to Apologize For’   kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:33 AM
25295 Farrakhan: The ‘Wicked Jews’ Use Me to Attack Women’s Movement, March Leaders   kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:30 AM
25294 Harris Freezes, Laughs Awkwardly When Asked About Calling Smollett Incident a ‘Modern-Day Lynching’ kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:26 AM
25293 Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders enters crowded 2020 presidential race kathy_s16  19 Feb 2019  
6:21 AM
25292 The 'Disappearing Democrat' Scandal - Part 1,,,,,,,,,,,,, very em backarwds...   capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
3:21 AM
25291 The 'Disappearing Democrat' Scandal - Part 2 It was a scandal that threatened to metastasize and blow up... few people took notice.   capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
3:16 AM
25290 GE, Boeing, T-Mobile Among Latest Victims Of Chinese IP Theft capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
3:15 AM
25289 Labour Splitters: Getting The Bland Back Together "People you've never heard of leave party they were never really in. #LabourSplit" capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
3:08 AM
25288 Dope Ocasio-Cortez Compares US Border Security Wall to Berlin Wall Where Germans Were Shot Dead Trying to Escape Prison State (VIDEO)   capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
3:06 AM
25287 Unreal,,Sixteen States Sue Trump Administration Over National Emergency Declaration   capt_nemo  19 Feb 2019  
2:07 AM
25286 Presidents at war part 2 on now history channel. Tricky Dick Nixon in uniform LOL   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
11:19 PM
25285 Just cyber sleuthing LOL,,,,,,,,How To Find Out If Countries Are Selling U.S. Debt. (Easy Way)   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
10:59 PM
25284 BIG Speaking of Anthony Weiner, as FBI and DOJ were colluding with yet another Clinton lawyer on Weiner laptop Clinton emails   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
10:41 PM
25283 lol,,,,,,Democrats Can’t Hide Crazy! Clearly, they all were given a day pass from Bellevue Mental Hospital in Manhattan earlier in the day!   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
10:30 PM
25282 And The ‘Dumb Money’ Goes All In Again   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
10:28 PM
25281 Looking at the free classified, this guy has a HUGE cedar stump he says. problem is, capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
10:15 PM
25280 RIBS!!!!!!!!!!! What A Way To Go? Hackers Can Turn Sex Robots Into Killing Machines, Security Expert Warns   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
9:19 PM
25279 WHAT????????? Amazon Resets Its Film Operation After Rough Year at Box Office   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
9:04 PM
25278 Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein expected to step down by mid-March, official says   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
8:55 PM
25277 Re: Vox Writer: Media Not Responsible For Pushing Smollettâ��s Hate Crime Hoax   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
8:43 PM
25276 Re: Protecting Americans Simply Doesnâ��t Require U.S. Troops In Syria   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
8:41 PM
25275 BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!! Rod baby Rodentstein to leave doj in Mid March weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   capt_nemo  18 Feb 2019  
8:40 PM
25274 Re: Vox Writer: Media Not Responsible For Pushing Smollettâ��s Hate Crime Hoax   ribit  18 Feb 2019  
8:39 PM
25273 Re: Protecting Americans Simply Doesnâ��t Require U.S. Troops In Syria   ribit  18 Feb 2019  
8:38 PM
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