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There is a great deal of hype out there about all of the multitude of problems that we face as a society in this fast developing century. However, there are some answers to the many issues that we face as a people, collectivelly and individually. What that may seem at first to be overwhelming, really might not be so overwhelming at all if it is broken down into digestable chunks and approached that way. The Obama administration is attempting to bite off quite a bit as it approaches the situation that it finds itself engulfed in. However, individuals and groups all over this nation and this so very interconnected world can also play a part.

If ideas and solutions are not offered up and put forth, nothing of any value is ever going to get done!

We face both enormous challanges, and, enormous opportunities as we move forward into this century. We would like to think that this board might be a place where people and groups could identify the challanges, debate them, and then come to some sort of conclusion as to what might best be done about what has been put forth. Anything is fare game as long as it is an identifiable challenge with a possible solution!

We would hope that polemics from both the left and the right could be left out of these discussions but we realize that sometimes it just cannot be done. If your solution to a problem is to execute everybody involved, then, this board is probably not for you!

When we attended Southern Illinois University back in the very late 1960's, we took a design class that had been developed under the influence of the notable futurist R. Buckminster Fuller, who was leading the design program on campus at that time. The solutions that we were taught to arrive at were very innovative and completely changed how we looked at life. We find value in them to this very day. The one thing that he taught us above all else was that we needed to think outside of the box and be innovative in our approach!

It may be a redundant thing to say, however, we will say it anyway! There are no really stupid solutions to a problem. What may appear to be silly or irrelevent may, in time, lead to a great, workable solution to a problem.

March 28th, 2009



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