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Ramblings is the title and description that we used for our writings and observations both here at Atomic Bob's, and, before that, over at Raging Bull under the monicer TINLJHTKH! When we arrived here at Atomic Bob's around November 1st of last year, the Food For Thought board had 15008 posts since its inception. It now has over 41,000 posts. This is a place where we can post our stuff, past, present, and future! There will only be original writing done here on my part. Anyone else can post whatever they like here as long AS IT DOESN'T USE THE SEVEN DEADLY WORDS, OR IS VISUALLY PHORNOGRAPHIC!

We always have said that our writing was a way for us to organize our thoughts, and, anyone was welcome to read the organizational process if they liked. Thinking is an interesting process, but, it is done so much of the time in isolation. It is good, we think, to put some of it down on paper so that there is some sort of way to see if any of it is, quite frankly, any good! Most of our writing over at Raging Bull is gone now, but, there are still a few pieces that we feel are worthy of saving here at Atomic Bob's before RB comes through and wipes the rest of it out. Some of the work is already here scattered out through the eight months that we wrote, mainly at the FFT board. This is a place to centralize all of it! The first pieces will be from Raging Bull's Brigueys Dollar's and Sense Table, and, the rest from here at Atomic Bob's. We will separate the wheat from the chaff, and, only things that we feel are worthwhile will see the light of day here.

In essence, we hope that this is a writers board. And, we hope that it will attract original writing from whatever source that it comes from. We know that there are writers out there, but, there are not many forums where they can be assured that another writer is overseeing the board. We remember Boopsey, from Doonesbury fame, who, earlier in her life, channeled for some sort of ancient lord that lived many thousands of years ago. We don't really think that we have ever had an original thought in our lifetime. We feel that we simply channel for those who may have gone on before us. Any wisdom that you may find here is theirs, not mine. We are very humble here!



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