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TBLU is a company run by Mr. James N. Turek, Sr. Currently Mr. Turek is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings for [PLNI+Q] after 3 years of issuing stock to build his plastics rebar support and affiliated business's.

TBLU it seems was used to filter money into and out of his multiple companies? Mr. Turek uses extremely Gagged transfer agents and has refused the public access to their basic public rights to know what the current Outstanding and issued stock count is.

The Authorized was just raised on TBLU 6/26/2007 in conjunction with his BK of PLNI+Q. Is his plan here to continue with the share issuing and selling to fund his business practices?

All factual information regarding Mr. Turek and TBLU is welcome for debate and discussion! Any talk about other Alia's on other boards or sites will be removed immediately. A copy and paste of another posters post that pertain to James Turek and TBLU is acceptable but leave the personal comments about any Alias O.U.T. Thanks The intent here is to follow the Turek paper trail and bring factual information to the investment community on his stock selling practices through false and misleading Promotions.

TBLU -- telcoBlue, Inc.
Com ($0.001)

3166 Custer Drive
Suite 101
Lexington, KY 40517

Phone: (859) 245-5252

Business Description: Not Available

Primary State of Incorporation: Delaware

Country of Incorporation: USA

James N. Turek, President/CEO/CFO

Fiscal Year End: December 31

Edgar Filing Status: Current EDGAR Filer

CIK: 0001123219

Outstanding Shares: 37,661,075 as of 2005-09-30

Estimated Market Cap: Not Available
Number of Shareholders of Record: 198 as of 2005-06-09

Current Capital Change:
shs decreased by 1 for 20 split
Record Date:
Pay Date: 2003-11-20


Company Notes:
Formerly=Novus Environmental, Inc. until 2-00, Inc. until 8-02
Note=12-31-04 company is in the development stage, developing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) long distance business

Class Notes:
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 5 split. Effective date=8-29-02

Transfer Agent:
First American Stock Transfer, Phoenix, AZ 85022-6642

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