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I have been a tax professional for over 35 years, feel free to ask income tax or representation questions. But, please try to keep them simple. I may or may not answer. The probability of my being right is about 98%. So, no guarantees. Just assume that in all of my answers I have said that you should consult a good local tax professional.

Helpful Links:
For Stock Traders and Investors:
IRS Check Your Refund:,,id=96596,00.html
Tax Almanac:
U.S. Tax Court:
State Forms:
Canada Revenue Agency:

No tax protesters allowed. You will be banned without warning. No off-topic chatter. Do it elsewhere or go create your own board. This board is for people who honestly want and/or need some tax help. 

If you found this board helpful, please feel free to show your appreciation by making a donation to Atomic Bob. Simply click on the Donate button above. This is an unsolicited request without any expectations of anything from anyone whatsoever. 

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