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Just a storage cabinet for all the great pictures pasted on the net.

A photo album, so to speak.

A may not need to upload your pictures to the ABGT server. Take it easy on my budget and do a hot link instead. To do a hotlink to a picture already on the nets, you simply use the following technique...

find the picture

right click on the picture

on the menu that pops up, click "properties"

A box will open and show you the exact web address of that picture.

highlight that address and press control "c"

go into your message and type this tag...


then do a control 'v' to paste that address into the post.

then type a second [img] tag, only this one is to end the code. YOu have to type a backslash /

after the [ and before the img

This looks more complicated than it is, mostly because if I type the code exactly as you need to see it, it disappears thinking I'm trying to do a hot link.

Here is what it would look like using a different bracket


If you replace the ( with a square bracket, you will be making hot links and saving me some money! That's always a good thing.

Thanks for the extra effort.


[only if you are a board moderator]
[only if you are a board moderator]

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