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I hope to create a place where experienced traders will help new traders understand what there in for.

If your here to show your the best trader or to ask what or when to buy or sell, your at the wrong place.

I will delete targeted messages and expect opinions to be examples of an educational point.

Subject can range from TA indicator, understanding financial reports, to developing a trading style & plan, how exchange platforms work, or choosing a broker. Any thing you remember having to learn the hard way or don't understand as you explore the volumes of info in your learning experience.

Heres an example of what I hope to see.

What does one expect to accomplish trading and how to get there!

Each individual must find a comfortable zone and maintain that zone. If your so new, you don't know what's comfortable for you READ, there are plenty of education web sites that will explain trading styles, find the style that seem to fit you and study it more, and more. Then try it, and see how it feels.

IMO listening to people on boards and trying to duplicate them, because you think they are successful is a REAL BAD move, They could be lying, I could be lying.

You have to examine many things to find your style. Others have different goals in trading. They have different amounts of money and different degrees of risk they will except. Never be a follower with your money. Play different styles on paper trading for a while, until you find your comfort zone. There's plenty of time to lose your money. Wait until you feel comfortable !!

I had four pages of paper profits on 8 to 10 stocks before I started trading. And still lost money my first few months, because I had my style, I had my plans, I set my targets, I just didn't follow them.

It's easy to sell on target losses, when it's not your money, but you tend to let it go to late, when it's your own money.

Well I couldn't understand why I did so well on paper and lost for real. I saw all the extra profit plays I went after, past my targets. wow that one worked, lets do it again. and wow I should have sold at that target, lost more than I wanted.

Looked at my paper trades again, MADE ON TARGETS and my real trades were MADE SOMETIMES on targets and there it was. How to earn money, Stick to your target goals,

You'll never lose or win more then your goals. Reaching goals are better than greed! IMO... You heard it here. LOL

Swing trading!

Take the money you have to lose, divide that by 4 and invest 3/4th and gamble 1/4th.

Say you have $10,000,
On ave you will see a:
10% swing $.10 to $1.00 stocks
5% swing $1.00 to $5.00 stocks
2.5% swing $5.00 to $10.00 stocks
2.5% to 1% swing on stocks above $10.00

Using the above you can figure how much you can expect to gain/lose placing your money in the different ranges.

EX: You put $2500 (1/4)in a $.10 stock and on average you can expect to see $250 +/- with an ave 10% swing.

EX: You put $7500 (3/4)in 3, $5.00 to $10.00 stocks you would see $62.00 ea. or $188 +/- with an ave swing of 2.5%

Now say you want to earn $500 a week. That's only 5% of your $10,000 and can be reached safely,in the $5.00 to $10.00 range, Hitting 1 to 2.5% on 3 stocks 2 or 3 times per week. With good research, do your DD !! One stock rise protects you from other losses. It's slower but safer, if you can hit 5% on 3 stock picks (ON PAPER) in the $5.00 to $10.00 range, each week, start using your money, don't play until you can.

Think of the 1/4 or $2,500 you use in the penny stock area as cream or toilet water....

At any rate hope this gives you some ideas !!!
PS: Pick a plan, test it on paper trading and STICK to it !!!! only buy when the stock hits your buy target and always sell when it hits you sell target... Don't EVER chase a running stock.

Picking who goes on your watch list!

I use TA to find a growth exchange stocks, then spend allot of time with DD research on financials, companies sector, business potential, and management, before using TA to determine a buy in price and exit price...

Penny stocks are a completely different game, because they are mostly operating with no profits or cash. Thus, day traders, MM's and company management errors can cause a huge change in PPs (% gain and loss) and render short term TA pattern useless...

Penny stocks are more about your belief in the companies business plan and the management potential to execute the plan... IMO they are a gamble, not investment ! TA is good for investing, more risky with pennies. I find Aroons work well for seeing trends in pennies, because they don't include PPs action in the calculation. Thus manipulation causing unexpected PPs movement is cut out of the results. DMI seems ok for locating short term fluxuations. But best I like chart patterns.

Help keeping your targets !

Now days many brokers offer automatic trading platforms. You place a buy, sell, and stop loss order and the software trades for you. (on stocks over $5.00 only) IMO this is a great aid to idiots like me, who find it hard to keep their fingers out of a good plan, by tweaking in.

Since it became available to me, I use it all the time and feel it has benefited me. I check my portfolio for 5 minutes the end of each day, so I can implement my next trade from my watchlist, if one of my open order close.

My watchlist contains twice the number of stocks I have in my portfolio, and is up dated daily, as I now have time to research new stocks, when I use to watch level II. No research at night any more.

AS always OTC:BB land can't take advantage of this and you have to sit at the table if you want to play


Picking Targets coming!!

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[only if you are a board moderator]

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