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A mini clubhouse for anyone interested in quads, 4-Wheelin', or other off road adventures.

Under construction.

What we are trying to serve, is all you guys and gals out there, primarily in Mid West America.

All are welcome.

This format may be a little different than what you're used to seeing, but I assure you once it is launched into a fresh new site, it will be cool to the extreme.

As a quad runner myself, and a long time webmaster, I have some great ideas on what will and won't make a great website for those interested in Mid West quads.

How this thing works is simple and I'm sure if there are enough people sign up and post messages, then I can justify launching a new "quad only" site under the same format. The goal is to have a central location that we can all come and discuss whatever topic is important to any one of us.

Say you decide to post a new message. If you were to click "reply" you will get a please sign up message. Fear not about signing up. I swear I don't do jack with people's email addresses. I'm not the low life type that fills your inbox with junk. I don't need those pennies. So sign up and post a new message. It can be a reply to a message, or it can be a new message. But your message will be posted.

Talk about your trip, your some smack about your new bike. Smacking talking is always welcome. Just post with good, fun intentions and everything will be great. Have a ball.

This is a place for everyone to get their message out.

If, and/or when, I decide to launch a new site, you will be able to create your own message board, specific to your interest or your group. It's really a simple thing.

Please feel free to take part in this new site. It's for all types of offroad interests.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

For starters, if you scroll down on this page, you will find the message list. CLicking on the first message will open it up. Once you read that one, you can click the "next" button on that page. You'll see it. Obviously, clicking that will take you to the next message. By clicking next and previous you can navigate between the messages in the list.

Any time you wish to reply or respond to a message, just click "reply". A box will open where you can type your message.

In this post box, you can also upload photos while you are posting a new message. If you have a picture on your harddrive, showing you roosting on your archenemy, you can click "upload image". A box will pop up, where you can browse your hardrive and find your picture. Select it and click "upload". YOur image will be uploaded to the server. Once it is in, a box will appear and give you a line of text that you need to highlight. Highlight the text and click "Control-C". Copy it. Then close that window and get back to your message. Paste the text into the message. "Control V" will do this. Now when you post your message, your picture will be visible in the message.

It's really cool, and quite easy once you have tried it a time or two.

Let's build this new site.

Spread the word.


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[only if you are a board moderator]

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