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Homestake gold mine, where I worked 

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Fri, 24 Feb 17 3:31 AM | 5102 view(s)
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I rode these cages down. They went 33.3 MPH when I worked there, If you weren't holding on to your hardhat, when you passed a level. it would suck them right off your head LOL. Man That was a fun time, and a LOT OF$$$$$$$$$$$$


See that water along the right side?? They called that a Piss ditch and for a reason. I drilled into that once. The engineers messed that one up LOL yuk......I drilled to what they wanted and it was 8" too much. Had to climb up out of the stoop and put a bag of concrete in the whole, so we could continue drilling.........

They only went down 1700 feet. Real cold there. At 7300 feet it was hotter then hell, and neeed portable air conditioners just to work.........

Ya see that quartz vein?? Thats where ya would find the gold................

I installed a lot of split set bolts and expansion bolts. Got paid per bolt. I could put a lot of them in. I was strictly ground control..........I would make the mine safe for EVERYONE else. Big bucks weeeeeeeeeeeeee


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