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Decomposed: Based on Mounting Ineptitude, clo Should Resign from Ownership of Triple-FART 

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Sun, 30 Oct 16 7:29 PM | 4699 view(s)
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In an interview Tuesday with Gynecological Review magazine, Decomposed reiterated his call for 'Looney' clo to step down immediately from her longstanding grip on the Triple-Fart message board. "It's just a matter of competence," 'posed explained. "She's obviously hormonal but five years without letup is kind of a long time for that, don't you think? And she hasn't managed to say anything that was both intelligent and correct in the whole time that I've known her. Perhaps it's time for her to give up on the message board ownership thing and do something she's better at - like learning to knit, or finding a job that will pay her to tell people that the joy is in the journey (to Wal-mart)."

clo, when asked to comment, responded that "Decomposed is a %@$# @*&^%! piece of @#$ @#%@#$! %$@! who can just @#$!~%& my @#$!~( {*^@^." With that, she strolled away chuckling, but was heard telling the middle aged man she'd arrived with that "Decomposed couldn't do half as well as me even if he went through twice as many divorces with your father!" Her associate, who declined to give his name, was quick to agree, then asked if there was anything good in the fridge at home.


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