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GOP N.J. State Senator-elect Ed Durr shares what he told his defeated Dem opponent — and leaves Tucker Carlson guffawing [video] 

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Sat, 13 Nov 21 12:22 AM | 27 view(s)
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Against pretty much all odds, Republican Ed Durr defeated Democratic New Jersey State Senator Steve Sweeney with just $153 and a dream.

And Durr’s still basking in the afterglow.

Earlier this, he offered up this delightful retort to the Atlantic and Tom Nichols for being crabby over his victory:

Alex Wilkes ~ Sen.-Elect Ed Durr on @SaveJersey live when asked about @TheAtlantic’s contention that he doesn’t know how to govern in the New Jersey legislature:

“How much worse could I make it?”

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As if that wasn’t delightful enough, here’s what he said to Tucker Carlson last night regarding Sweeney:


Durr told Carlson, “Like I told him: I says, you know, if he ever needed anything, just gimme a call, you know, because I’m his representative now.”

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