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‘But Erin, PLEASE!’ Terry McAuliffe SPEECHLESS after CNN (!!) destroys his latest attempt to lie his a*s off about Glenn Youngkin (watch)

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Fri, 15 Oct 21 6:54 PM | 12 view(s)
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WOW ... when the Communist "News" Network smells the lying bullsh!t coming out of Terry McAuliffe's noxious mouth and publicly calls him out on it ... well ... then McAuliffe ... rather, "McAwful" ... has taken despicable libtardism to a whole new level! ROTFLMAO! 

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Poor Terry, he really thought he finally had some momentum.

Womp womp.

Terry McAuliffe has spent months now trying to pretend he’s running against Donald Trump in Virginia, constantly ignoring who the real Republican candidate is and what he stands for. That tells this editor he knows he can’t beat Glenn Youngkin and hopes if he can tie him to Trump (who Virginia did not vote for in either election) that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Virginians will fall for it.

Luckily for Virginians, they’re smarter than Terry realizes.

Heck, even CNN has been calling him out. Remember when Dana Bash made fun of him for bringing up Trump?

Watch this:

Team Youngkin ~ "But Erin, please!" Terry McAuliffe BEGS after CNN totally destroys his narrative. #VAgov

Squirm squirm squirm.

So uncomfortable.

Ya’ hate to see it.


Tom Kilgannon ~ Terry wants to run against anybody but Youngkin.

Kim in VA ~ CNN not carrying his water. Good! I see a red wave coming!

We were so shocked.

And thrilled!

Shrilled? No?

Hey, it’s Friday, give us a break.

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Chieftian’s Wife ~ But Erin ... PLEASEE!!!! This isn't supposed to be happening!! Please Erin!

ribit is happy! 

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The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted. ~ D.H. Lawrence

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