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Re: Sooooo much destruction! 

By: Decomposed in BAF | Recommend this post (1)
Fri, 29 Dec 17 8:03 PM | 88 view(s)
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After referencing that Jerusalem train station being named for President Trump, I was going to mention that Israel has never named ANYTHING after Barack Obama - but I decided I better do my research before making such a claim. It's a good thing I did, too, since I was wrong. Israeli scientists apparently named a parasite after him in 2016.


Again, Israel knows who its friends are. And it knows who its enemies are, too.


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Re: Sooooo much destruction!
By: Decomposed
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Fri, 29 Dec 17 7:44 PM
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Re: “As I'm sure you already know, what the 'Progressives' call 'progressivism' is anything but.”

The term goes back more than one hundred years. It is a euphemism for "fascism," which fell out of favor during WW II - though liberals revived it with gusto about fifteen years ago when they realized that Americans were repulsed at the idea of "liberalism."

While today's Democrats are certainly fascists and progressives, I'm convinced that they don't really stand for anything. Except for DRUGS, that is. They don't have much else in common with the Democrats of the 1960s. Today's Democrats aren't even anti-war or anti-establishment! They have become what they once spat upon.

Last year, I had a discussion with a Jewish woman hailing from Brooklyn but who'd been in Northern Virginia most of her life. Did she ever hate Donald Trump! She kept calling him an anti-Semite. When I tried to correct her, she made it clear that I didn't know what I was talking about because I'm not a Jew.

Well, I may not be a Jew, but the Israelis are - and they LOVE President Trump. As you probably know, Israel just announced that it is naming a high-speed rail station in Jerusalem after the President. Liberals are having a fit about it, insisting that such dedications aren't supposed to occur until people have died. Israel, however, knows who its friends are.

American Jews do not. That's curious, isn't it - except that it supports what I've said for many years: Democrats stand for NOTHING. Their sole uniting principle is to preserve their party. They don't care what it does. This is why Democratic Catholics like OCU are willing to jeopardize their own soul rather than oppose the murder of babies. It's why bitter old crows like Claudia Jones support the same 'Establishment' she has so often accused of killing the young Marine she believes loved her. (She's almost certainly wrong about that, btw.) And it is why a Jewish-American woman calls Israel's best friend in years an "anti-Semite."

Unbelievable, the hypocrisy.

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