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Farewell Micro 

By: ignatius j reillly in JC | Recommend this post (8)
Sat, 09 Apr 16 10:03 PM | 5868 view(s)
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I enjoyed your posts over the years. I wish you well in whatever endeavors and adventures come your way.
I see that the requisite 'cooling off period' has expired on IDB and now Snackman is pumping a new stock. And the World Turns.
Best regards

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Re: i hate to disagree with you guys
By: micro
in JC
Tue, 22 Mar 16 5:22 PM
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You make some valid and as usual, salient points!

It has been a pleasure over these years to read your perspectives.

NXT, same for you. Nobody is going to agree all the time on everything all the time so we will agree to disagree on that one thing and have agreed on a thousand others. Pretty good average I would say.

Jose, thanks for the board all these years. My best wishes to you.

It is time to say farewell to wave for me. I will encourage those on the IDB forum to pursue the pump group from time to time.

But as far as Wave goes, it has finished its course just as most of us here said it would end in a death spiral, Well, it did and it is done.

Goodbye to you all and best wishes !



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