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Re: i hate to disagree with you guys 

By: nxtflatpanel in JC | Recommend this post (8)
Mon, 21 Mar 16 6:13 PM | 6969 view(s)
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You may want to drive by there again and see if it is fixed up. One cult leader I know is driving a new SUV and had the roof on his house replaced. He's not hurting.

Another cult leader/PP birdie is selling his $1.5 million house. I bet he's moving up and not down.


"I so sure of not having a reverse split that I will go on record and say that I will sell all my stock if that happens." snackscum, January 11, 2013

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i hate to disagree with you guys
By: ignatius j reillly
in JC
Sun, 20 Mar 16 9:51 PM
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but i think the answer is in, and it turns out to be "No, no one can be that stupid. But they can pose as a moron in order to scam people out of their money."
Notice how tpt, weets, barge and all the rest pretty much disappeared without a whimper? If they were genuinely idiots who had been posting in good faith all these years, they would now be all over these boards wailing about their losses and demanding justice. The fact that they're not pretty much tells you that all the positive garbage they posted, all the supposed stock purchases, were nothing more than pure boiler room type pumps. At this point I'm thinking ncbaker might be one of the few legitimate idiots who lost his own money.

Did you notice how quick snackman was to say "it's over, no point in belaboring the point, let it die?" What does that tell you? I think it means he was in on the pump the whole time, and now he's simply out of a job. It's also informative how they tried to refocus the discussion on OTHER STOCKS like WYY and MOSY. They wrung all they could out of the Wavoids, now they're moving on to find a new scam.

There's only 1 thing that makes me think snackman's posturing might have had any legitimacy-- i was by his neighborhood a few months ago and, man, his is the dumpiest place in a fairly decent area. Definitely in need of repair and upkeep; no sign of what you would call "pride of ownership." It's not a house you'd expect someone who just made a killing off a stock scam to be living in.

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