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Re: Watch for the Super Bowl Ad 

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Tue, 09 Feb 16 7:27 PM | 537 view(s)
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"The Peter Meter" is just begging for a limerick to be written about it.

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Re: Watch for the Super Bowl Ad
By: micro
in JC
Mon, 08 Feb 16 11:09 AM
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according to the chatter by those who already have been scammed because they were just so much smarter than ANYONE who ever posted warnings here at Jose's board are now clamoring to start researcing and looking into Widepoint, WYY, a similar micro cap stock that is under a buck.

The difference seems to be that WYY actually does have some significant sales with the federal government and a lot of private sector institutions but what they are missing is the greatest toy of all time, The Peter Meter.

SO, the Grand poo-bah leader, the MAster of financial Disaster, The ALL KNOWING and ALL WISE in his own eyes Snackman, has declared that he would strongly consider turning that board into a widepoint board at IDB fofr the intent of "keeping this group together".

THAT expression right there speaks volumes. The NEED for this person who has singlehandedly led so many of the same people down the rat hole of financial calamity simply cannot go through life without having to be some sort of big cheese type, leader of the clueless.

That is amazing.

I cannot help but wonder why everyone simply cannot simply say good bye and good riddance to Wave and all the criminals that ever worked there?
Bury it and let's move on.......

The group follow that is occurring is beyond belief to me.

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