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Re: Welcome To Most

By: DGpeddler in T | Recommend this post (0)
Sat, 14 Nov 15 12:44 PM | 610 view(s)
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micro, I e-mailed snapits (Tom).
Maye he will get it. It was a
reply to his e-mail.

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Re: Welcome To Most
By: micro
in T
Fri, 13 Nov 15 8:47 PM
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I got your message. Looks like this has been around awhile!

Glad to have found you!

Do you have email addy for ribit????

Do you know what happened?

I started the POPE IV board like you guys discussed because I thought you all might look for it.

I let Bob know there would be no more racial slurs toward ethnic groups. I can understand why Bob would finally put the kabosh on that. It reflects on him as the owner of the website and he is not interested in the hassles that brings. Makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, I will boardmark here. I saw ZIM over on Constitution and left him a message about Pope IV and a link. I emailed Snapits. I don;t know how to get in touch with ribit.

I made YOU and Ribit the board moderators and listed "some" rules which mean no more racist names of people.

There has to be some restraint as we do live in the 21st century and we don't want to cause Bob any troubles.

MY board is: TBFF here at AB's and it is mostly a lot of Bible verses and some devotionals to encourage people.....

The Bible Fundamentalist Fellowship is what that stands for.

Anyway, thank you for letting me know where YOU are.

You are member marked and now, so is this board.

HOW do we get word to the others????

Thanks DG!

My Best to you,

micro... Very Happy

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