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Hi Unix!

Wow! That's some undertaking!...

Well, you likely have found out by now that MOST factories are not FANS of the Environmental movement and your reception is likely to be icy cold at best, with a few exceptions.

What KIND of LEAK Detection?

Humidity level??? I can help ya with that one.
In my plants, whatever the outside humidity was, it was the same inside. Only exception was the one factory I actually air conditioned entirely.

As far as meeting new people, possible clients, do your research first on WHO you are going to contact. Learn about their business or industry. Then, ask what benefit can you bring to them that they can MONETIZE and easily see it.

So, that's the preparation work before ever making one phone call to try to get an appointment and a meeting.

You only get one opportunity to make a good APPEARANCE and a GOOD IMPRESSION.

For example, if you came to see me and sat across my desk from me, and we conversed a little, I would be asking some rather pointed questions trying to ascertain in my mind whether I knew more about what you came to tell me than you do. I found that to be the case far too many times.

Salesmen are a dime a dozen. Someone who actually knows and understands what HE is representing inside and out, like an engineer would, is a different thing.

I always try to and enjoy learning something each and every day of my life. Amazing who ALL one can learn something from also. So set your prejudices aside, whether it be you think you know more than a Millennial or a Gen X or Y person.

Sometimes people will really fool you because we tend to as humans make assumptions and pre-judge.

Tough to re-learn and retrain ones self to not do that, but it is worth it.

I personally always ENCOURAGE younger up and comers in their businesses they might be project manager or a supervisor at... Make them feel important and SMILE.... Always speak POSITIVE and not negative.

Be a PROFESSIONAL, not an amateur. Look like a PRO and TALK like a PRO.
Value people's time. Today many companies are running LEAN on personnel so staff also is very busy.

Don't be a HOG of someone's limited time. Show them that you respect the time they gave you and acknowledge it was much appreciated because you KNOW they are really busy.

There are very few in my industry now that know anywhere near what I do regarding the products I represent and the Company. I help them with all kinds of things that may not even be related because of my vast and varied background.

But I am always ready to help in any way I can, even if it does not mean I am getting an order.
People remember. That single act will get you in the door later...

So share yourselves and your skills and abilities if you see a need and you can politely suggest something to them that would be a help.

For example, I was in Indiana earlier this week. As I taking a tour of their production facility I observed a couple of LASERs cutting sheet metal component parts at fairly high linear inch speed.
I niquired of the project manager what type of GAS shielding were they using with the laser. He replied Nitrogen.
I took the time to explain to him that even though the BIG LIE and SALES POTCH out in the field is that if you use Nitrogen to help keep the cut surface cool and consequently you do not have to worry about laser slag on the edges of the material, which prevents powder coating from ADHERING to them, that it is a MYTH and NOT TRUE.

It definitely improves that but does not entirely eliminate it. There are going to be places on those edges where a finish coating is NOT going to ADHERE and you can't see where.

SO, you can find it after you coat and go TAP on those edges all the way around and when you come to a spot, you will know it, because the COATING will pop off, or break off.

Laser slag.... You just cannot get rid of it entirely....

Now, I did not come there to talk to him about his manufacturing methods or about laser slag.

I was simply passing on some info he was not aware of but is now, because the finished appearance of their products cannot afford to have the finish POP OFF because it is not adhered to the bare surface properly.

That edge needs to be SANDED with a hand held sander and it can be done quickly. But it will INSURE that they get good product finish that has bonded (adhered) well to the substrate.

Anyway, just a few simple things you likely are aware of anyway, but hopefully good refresher....

Got to go now...



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By: unixguy
Thu, 27 Aug 15 10:59 PM
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Yeah I figured I'd just keep a small board here myself for random notes I keep on stocks and companies.
I'm part of a startup doing environmental monitoring, temperature, leak detection and fire and humidity for apartment buildings and larger buildings such as factories. (I'm the marketing/sales/pitch guy(YIKES) so any advice would be much appreciated. Hope all is well. Regards Unix

PS The Wavoids must have really went bananas.

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