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Federal Judge Dismisses Silver Manipulation Lawsuit Against JP Morgan

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Sun, 30 Dec 12 4:25 AM | 374 view(s)
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Posted on December 30, 2012 by The Doc| 6 Comments

Jamie DimonFederal US District Court Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. has dismissed the class-action litigation suit brought against JP Morgan (and originally HSBC) regarding silver market-rigging. Judge Patterson cited lack of specifics and claims of bad intent necessary to bring the suit to trial.

Perhaps Judge Patterson never bothered to actually read the litigation, because if he did, (assuming he was not paid off) he would have come to the same conclusions we did when the suit was filed in September of 2011:
The lawsuit completely exposes JPMorgan’s silver manipulation from insiders’ perspectives for ALL TO SEE.
We’re talking your wife streaking on the field during the opening kick-off of the Super Bowl type of exposure.

Click here for full details of Judge Patterson’s dismissal of the suit, as well as the full original class-action suit:



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