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What role

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Wed, 10 Aug 11 3:27 PM | 661 view(s)
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Fiduciary Duty...???Moral Obligation..???

What role,,,if any did our shareholder rep play in this fiasco??

It would seem that he was,,,"ON DUTY" during this time..

This was all allowed to happen because of the GAG provisions of the
Master agreement..

Anyone who would view this entire landscape,starting with the MA and
the NDA's through the 'secrets' that were kept from the shareholders
by the various entities involved in the licensing ,would "NOT" fail to see a
Plan that was devised to "RIP OFF" CHUCK MOORE,and the shareholders of PTSC.!!

It seems to me that if it weren't for the apparent serendipitous
discovery brought to light by an infringee,We would still be selling
Licenses,while getting virtually NO income to the S/Hs..

One important question that must be answered is this: Was anyone at PTSC,
Past or present "IN ON" this conspiracy for their personal enrichment??

We seem to be getting little bits and pieces of this puzzle as time passes,
and it is adding up rather quickly to a picture of deceit and dishonesty by
a 'group effort',since any reasonable person would NOT see how the various
participants would NOT be aware of the glaring discrepancies in the division
of the MMP income..

It would be reasonable to conclude that the purchase/acquisition--(There
are lawsuits that idicate that these purchases by Leckrone were NOT properly consumated)--of these other entities,(Core flash,etc),was to provide a vehicle to aid in the accomplishment of this--"RIP OFF"-- of the shareholders..(Just used as a temporary prop to facilitate the transfer of funds).

In addition to the question of the cheating of PTSC and/or Moore,there is
the possibility of a IRS TAX Liability shortfall,which might bear A look-see..

Feel free to add to or embellish these peculiarities..

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