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Arrest Them 

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Sat, 30 Jul 22 3:39 PM | 46 view(s)
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Dear Governor Youngkin,

I would very much like for you to arrest the democrat party senators and representatives from Virginia for violating the United States Constitution and being part of a criminal conspiracy to subvert these United States.

Violating the Constitution : Twice the democrat party tried to impeach the President on nothing but lies, slanders, and innuendo. Twice the democrat party denied the President his Constitutional Right to call witnesses at his 'hearing'. The Jan-6 detainees are being held without due process and their Constitutional Rights are being violated.

Criminal Conspiracy : The 2020 elections had massive voter fraud all over the country. Post election at least three States had hearings at which long parades of witnesses testified as to various fraudulent activities they personally witnessed. In Georgia four skanks were video-taped running off all the poll watchers, officials, and other tabulators then they proceeded to pull out a case of ballots of unknown provenance and run them through the tabulating machines. Multiple States stopped the counting all at the same time, then resumed counting. Before the stoppage Trump was winning and the democrats were losing. Shortly after the counting was resumed biden and the democrats were winning. I could go on, but the next most interesting thing is all the democrats screaming 'THERE WAS NO VOTER FRAUD' and they have been actively obstructing every honest investigation into voter fraud.

Do you remember when former FBI director james comey was testifying before Congress? When the Republican senators were asking questions we learned such things as before the muellor 'special prosecution' there was NO FBI investigation of Donald Trump. What did I learn from the democrat senators grilling comey? Absolutely nothing. EVERY last one of the democrat senators did the exact same thing. They all made a pompous pious little speech pretending Trump was up to his eyeballs with Russians and then they would ask comey a question to which comey dutifully answered “I can't talk about that”. Two years of muellor witch hunt later and it was obvious that Trump had not been colluding with the Russians. Now, thanks to the Durham investigation, we know hillary clinton and the democrats created the Trump Russia collusion meme.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.


Mad Poet Strikes Again.

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