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A tribute to the board owner  

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Sat, 20 Nov 21 2:57 PM | 48 view(s)
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It has been a privilege and quite entertaining and yet, mind opening journey that you have shared with all of us over several years. None of our experiences, perceptions, or knowledge learned would ever be the same staus quo as they were until you challenged them..

Wwe have all had our persoanl internal egos rubbed wrong, gotten angry, felt deep compassion and had each other's backs no matter what, and are all better for having you bring us all kinds of articles and news we might not ever have seen on our own.
In short, you have made us better for bearing with us and putting up with us, and sharing with us.

We have laughed, arguued, and shared personal things with each other and gained more respect and comaraderie with each other as a result.

Your craftmanship in different areas was amazing to watch and your dedication to working at those things to earn income was incredible. Talent on display.

We are better people because of you. You have brought laughter, critical assessment, and humor and laughter into our group and we are thankful and grateful and indebted.

It is appointed unto each person to graduate from this world into the eternal world that will never end. One of the great things that God has prepared for us is a brand new BODY that is guaranteed for eternity. No aches and pains or things wrong with it. This body we are in today is corrupted and temporary and has limited shelf life.

Mine and Ribit's is falling apart with much the same problems. I look forward to that day without the pain and being atthe right weight when I receive a new eternal body to house my spirit and personality. I won't know how to act...

Captain, you are being promoted into a new body free from earthly decay, free from worry about tyrannical government, free from pain. You will be smiling, full of joy, laughing, and praising JESUS with no worries or pain and a mansion to live in. Your own house..

It has been an honor to call you friend and brother.
My heart is sad to say goodbye. When we meet again in God's Heaven, please show me around and take me to see Jesus, and the Apostles and prophets who were faithful and gave us the WORDS of GOD we read in our Bibles.

You will meet all of them.. I envy you.

I wish I could be there for you in person but we will see eachother face to face and be smiling wide!

Go in peace to Jesus my friend. Embrace HIM and fall at HIS feet and say THANK YOU and worship HIM who loves us and gave HIMSEALF for us. Let this world go and all its pain and suffering and go into the presence of our Lord and Savior with gladness and joy and eternal peace and happiness.

Meet us there at the eastern gate when we arrive. I will look for you there when I arrive..

With much love GO In PEACE to our Lord and look to HIM alone..

Thank you for spending time with us brother. Go in peace..


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