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Re: Top 5 Stories

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American Greatness
Vaccine Mandates and the Decline of Self-Government
Is the United States in Decline?
‘Hold the Line!’: Why the Military Must Repudiate Radical Politics
Et Tu, Big Bird?
New Foreign Cyber Attacks Target Both Public and Private Sectors

American Thinker
COVID, Strokes, and Trust
Wokery In Art and Science
Guarding against Cheating in Elections by the Far Left
Those Who Claim Men Are Women Are Brazen Liars Devoid of Moral Integrity
Don't Let Leftists Gaslight You on Critical Race Theory

Big League Politics
Evidence Suggests Prosecution Tampered Video Evidence in Rittenhouse Trial
GEN FLYNN: ‘Bannon Indictment Shows Democrats Moving To Complete Takeover’
Insider Claims Belarus Training Afghan, Iraqi Migrants With Military Experience to Attack Polish Border
Goldman Sachs Claims Inflation is Greater Risk to Economy Than COVID-19
Dem Governor Puts National Guard on Restricted Standby Outside Kenosha And Encourages Protesters

Bizpac Review
DeSantis will end contracts to stop flights, puts everything on the table to stop Feds from shipping in migrants
Biden’s security adviser is the ‘foreign policy advisor’ mentioned in Clinton lawyer indictment: report
Jan 6 defendant gives horrifying account from within walls of DC prison
Rutgers faculty come out swinging in DEFENSE of prof who went on racist rant against white ‘motherf**kers’
Loudoun Co ‘equity consultant’ talks public education: 'Relationships' are priority...'Adults are in the way'

Blaze News
Chinese embassy reportedly lobbying American companies to oppose China-related legislation
Court affirms postponement of Biden admin's controversial vaccine and testing mandate, calling it 'a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer'
Duke Ellington school rejects 'cancel culture' with students trying to block fundraising event with Dave Chappelle
Jon Gruden sues NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell for allegedly leaking his emails to destroy him
Psaki claims rising fuel prices make 'an even stronger case for' clean energy push

Morris: Hunter Biden Advised Dad to Have ‘Empathy' at Climate Summit — Where Super-Polluter China Signed Face-Saving Agreement with America
Establishment Media Burns Trump Again After Granting Exclusive Interview
NGO: Olympics Sponsors Must Pressure China to Stop Atrocities
China Complains Bidenflation Is a Threat to the Whole World
Texas Expands Border Barrier Projects in Eagle Pass

Daily Caller
Oklahoma State Releases Incredible ‘Fear The Night’ Hype Video For The TCU Game
‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Premiere Draws A Staggering 14.7 Million Viewers
Arkansas Governor Endorses Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Be His Successor
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block To Biden Vaccine Mandate
Paris Hilton Shares Life-Changing News That’s She Married

Daily Wire
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: What To Watch In Week 11
GRAHAM: New Jersey Democracy Died In Darkness?
‘The Epitome Of White Privilege’: The Media’s Worst Reactions To The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
White House Reaffirms Support Of Nominee Who Pointed Out Alleged Gender Equality In Soviet Union
Jon Gruden Sues NFL, Roger Goodell

Gateway Pundit
WATCH: AZ Mother Targeted And Harassed By School Board: "We're TERRIFIED Of This Person Having Access To Our Information. My Eight And 10-Year-Old Daughters' Photos Were Found In Jann-Michael Greenburg's Dossier."
Majority Of Americans Say Biden Admin Not Doing Enough To Address Supply Chain Crisis
THEY HATE THEIR VOTERS: Senate Republicans Promote Dirtbag Lisa Murkowski as "Great Leader" Who's "Fighting for Alaska" in New Promotion
Going Viral: Steve Bannon's Daughter Launches #IStandWithSteve Viral Hashtag After He Is Indicted by Half-Baked Democrat Attorney General
JUST IN: Appeals Court Re-Affirms Halt on Biden's Covid Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses - Cites 'Severe' Risks

‘Under your black robes of justice you wear a white robe of the Klan.’ DailyMail reveals vile emails sent to judge in Kyle Rittenhouse case
Mom At Center Of CRT Revelations: ‘Parents Are Not Domestic Terrorists’
Maher: Bashing White Voters over VA Results Isn’t Liberal – ‘There’s a Lot of Resegregation’
California Security Guard Stabs Man for Refusing to Wear Mask
WATCH: Protesters, police clash after new Covid restrictions announced in the Netherlands

Just The News
Wisconsin governor places 500 National Guard troops on standby ahead of Rittenhouse verdict
Dossier on parents roils Arizona school district, leads to probe and cyberstalking claims
Oklahoma National Guard defies Pentagon, won't impose COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Kentucky attorney general asks state Supreme Court to review school-choice case
Former Raiders head coach Gruden sues NFL and Goodell over alleged 'forced resignation'

National File
Steve Bannon Charged with Contempt of Congress after Refusing to Cooperate with Jan 6 Committee
‘Shove It Down Her F**king Throat’: Biden Family Knew Hunter Allegedly Molested Close Minor Relative, Text Messages Show
Mark Meadows Advised Democrat-Allied, CCP-Tied Non Profit Once Run By Jeffrey Epstein’s Brother
BLM Leaders Warn Of ‘Bloodshed’, Riots If New York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Reinstates Plainclothes NYPD Unit
VIRGINIA: Loudoun County Pharmacy Deliberately Injects 112 Kids With Adult COVID Vax, Up To 3x As Strong As Correct Dose

New York Post
Infamous Ohio bank robber who vanished 50 years ago ID’ed as dead man
Chris Daughtry’s 25-year-old daughter found dead in Nashville home: report
Second teen arrested for fatal shooting of 16-year-old boy in NYC: Cops
‘Staggeringly overbroad’: Court affirms pause on Biden vax mandate for private biz
Georgia first grade teacher found dead on Mexico roadside weeks after vanishing

CBS's ‘SWAT’ Pushes Lie that Legal Guns Endanger Cops, Wants ‘Sensible Gun Control’
CNN Blasts 'Bigoted,' 'Drama King' Judge in Rittenhouse Case
Legal Expert Schools Dejected CNN Hosts on Rittenhouse Trial
YouTube Temporarily Suspends Ron Johnson’s Channel AGAIN
TV’s Worst of the Week 11/7/21: Closeted Priest and White ‘Truth’

Noem Launches Reelection Bid for South Dakota Governor
Tennessee Signs Law Limiting Vaccine, Mask Mandates in Schools, Private Firms
Trump Gets Two Legal Victories as Civil Cases Dismissed, Dropped
Manchin Says He Has 'No Idea' If He Will Run Again in 2024
Federal Appeals Court Affirms Hold on Biden's Divisive Vax Mandate

One America News
112 kids in Va. receive adult dosage of COVID-19 vaccine
Ciattarelli concedes N.J. Governor’s race
Britney Spears’ conservatorship finally ends
Secy. of State Blinken, Qatar diplomats make proxy agreement
Obama Ethics Chief Shaub: Biden admin. has conflicts of interest

PJ Media
Road Report: A Trucker Talks About the Industry and Life on the Road
Wisconsin Gov. Puts National Guard on Alert Before Rittenhouse Verdict – Something He Didn't Do for 2020 Riots Until It Was Too Late
Four Takeaways From Kamala Harris' European Sojourn
Devastating Day for Rittenhouse Defense: His Fate Could Come Down to a Fuzzy Photo
'Unwoke' With Kevin and Kruiser #20—The Lenny Bruce Episode (NO PAYWALL THIS WEEK!)

Red State
It Sure Looks Like a Key Witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Committed Perjury
Comedy Legend John Cleese Cancels Cambridge Over Hitler Joke Blacklisting
DOJ Stand Down
BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Denies Biden Admin Request to Lift Stay on Vaccine Mandate
Professor Razes the Evil of Writing Rules, Whacks White Supremacy by Gonging Grades

Right Scoop
WATCH: Jim Jordan REMINDS Democrats of a FACT about sauce for the goose
BLOCKED: Biden vaccine MANDATE is halted AGAIN by courts, after he IGNORED last stay
High on BANNON indictment, Liz Cheney and her FELLOW Democrats THREATEN Mark Meadows next
Lincoln Project GOON and his fascist LEFT cheer squad scream for Bannon’s passport to be ‘SIZED’
Texas Republican warns police officers there are CONSEQUENCES for shooting unarmed rioters in wake of Rittenhouse ruling

The Federalist
Did Taylor Swift Just Ruin Her Best Song Of All Time?
Record-Breaking ‘Yellowstone’ Is No. 1 Show On Television Right Now
Dave Chappelle Canceled By Alma Mater Because Of Student Temper Tantrum
Getty Wedding Guest List Shows Exactly Who California’s Political Elite Are Listening To
California Desert Towns Struggle To Survive As Violent, Illegal Drug Cartels Take Over

The National Pulse
Biden's Jamaica Ambassador Took China Trip Promising 'Friendship' And 'Understanding' Of Chinese Communist Party.
YouTube Hides the 'Dislike' Counter in Obvious Attempt to Shield Biden Regime.
We Will Remember Them... But Did We Ever Deserve Their Sacrifices?
Pelosi, Clinton Finance Director Becomes Lobbyist For Chinese Chamber Of Commerce.
RYUN: Senate Candidate Jim Lamon Talks Tough on China... While Doing Business With Them.

The New American
Liberal, Conservative or American?
Manchin Continues to Rain on “Build Back Better” Parade
School Board President Under Pressure to Resign Over His “Opposition Dossier” on Parents Protesting CRT
Floyd Biography Set for May. WaPo Writers to Explore “Systemic Racism” He Suffered Through Life
The Story of “Navy SEAL 1,” One of 23 Plaintiffs in Complaint Against Biden Over Vax Mandate

Gavin Newsom Extends Emergency Order Yet Again, Until March 2022
Tucker Burst Out Laughing at What Edward Durr Told Stephen Sweeney, the NJ Senate President He Ousted
Is This a 'Blackface' Attempt? The Left Tries to Cancel Glenn Youngkin...And It Fails Miserably
Emails Reveal State School Board Members Believed NSBA's 'Domestic Terrorism' Letter was Politically Motivated
Infrastructure Has Passed, So Where's Biden's Bump in the Polls?

'Living in a dystopia': Surveillance footage captures a brazen daylight robbery at a small boutique in San Francisco
A retweet from Ron Klain may have helped doom Biden's OSHA vaccine mandate
BREAKING: Biden's OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate loses in court. AGAIN
Nothing to see here, folks. Just Chris Dodd questioning if Biden runs in 2024
Trump-appointed Judge Carl J. Nichols is not exactly good news for Steve Bannon

Washington Examiner
Rittenhouse judge signals he may 'inform the jury' of narrow gun law exemptions
Rutgers University euthanized 23,000 mice during pandemic
Firearms manufacturers flee Northeast for states that love guns and hate taxes
GOP moves to become ‘party of parents’ after Youngkin win
Biden rivals Trump fast clip of federal judge confirmations

Washington Free Beacon
Thousands of Massachusetts Parents Pull Kids From ‘Woke’ Sex Ed Class
This One Photo Explains Everything You Need To Know About the Democratic Party
REVIEW: ‘Belfast’
Energy Secretary Granholm Violates Ethics Pledge To Boost Proterra, Watchdog Claims
FASHION ALERT: Biden Aide Colin Kahl Has Massive Man Purse

Washington Times
Inside DNC chair Jaime Harrison's 'challenging' bid to avert midterm defeat
Republicans blast White House collusion with school board group about parental 'domestic terrorism'
Fox News edit of Biden comment removes racial context
Steve Bannon indicted on contempt charges for defying 1/6 subpoena
Americans set record for quitting jobs in September

Western Journal
School Official Gathered Intel on Anti-CRT Parents Including Background Checks and Pics of Their Kids: Report
Watch: Biden Peddled Lies About Rittenhouse During 2020 Election, Now He's Media Target
Defense Lawyers Present New Theory That Completely Ruins Prosecution's Claim Rittenhouse Was Aiming Gun
Breaking: Steve Bannon Indicted for Contempt of Congress
Desperate for Guilty Verdict: Rittenhouse Prosecution Scrambles to Add Lesser Charges as Case Falls Apart

World Net Daily
Poll suggests 2024 to be a presidential race rematch
Global warming activists double emissions to attend Glasgow conference
Utility warns customers of looming blackouts under Biden energy policy
Rittenhouse prosecutors asking for lesser charges to be added in case
Pelosi demands 'gender equity' in attack on global warming

Zero Hedge
"It Raises Serious Constitutional Concerns" - Appeals Court Re-Affirms Stay On Biden Vaccine Mandate
European Army: Rhetoric Versus Reality
Iceland Unveils Meta-Challenging '-Verse' Where "Everything Is Real"
Austria "Just Days Away" From Unleashing Lockdown On The "Shameful" Unvaccinated
CNN To Reportedly Fire "Good Number" Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup


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American Greatness
Sex, Lies, and the FBI
Conservative Vibes for Our Time
Thank You, ‘Bull’ Durham
General Electric: Still ‘Bringing Good things to Life’?
Let’s Honor Veterans Day by Adopting a More Sober Foreign Policy

American Thinker
The Mindless Attempt to Remake America
Why 'Liberals' Could Benefit from an Introduction to Thomas Kuhn
We Think We’re Free. Newsflash: We’re Not
Panic, Power, And Profit Were Made For Each Other
Against Masking Our Children: My Experience with a Local School Board

Big League Politics
FBI Immediately Leaks Project Veritas Internal Documents to New York Times After O’Keefe Raid
Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Considers a Run for Texas Attorney General
Ron DeSantis Proposes Plan to Transport Biden Illegal Aliens Dumped In Florida to Delaware
Google Home Page Veteran’s Day Graphic Features Male Marine Wearing a Dress
Scottsdale School Board President Compiled Invasive Dossier on Parents, Students Opposed to Masks and CRT in Schools

Bizpac Review
DeSantis will end contracts to stop flights, puts everything on the table to stop Feds from shipping in migrants
Biden’s security adviser is the ‘foreign policy advisor’ mentioned in Clinton lawyer indictment: report
Jan 6 defendant gives horrifying account from within walls of DC prison
Rutgers faculty come out swinging in DEFENSE of prof who went on racist rant against white ‘motherf**kers’
Loudoun Co ‘equity consultant’ talks public education: 'Relationships' are priority...'Adults are in the way'

Blaze News
'If you're willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy,' KISS star Gene Simmons declares
Mike Rowe blames labor shortage on American society looking down on hard work
'We were not allowed to collaborate with our peers in the local health departments,' former NY health department official testifies in Cuomo sexual harassment probe
Parents demand resignation of Scottsdale school board president after he accidentally reveals creepy dossier of info on anti-CRT parents
Liberals pounce on joke told by Rittenhouse judge to accuse him of racism and demand a mistrial

Pro-Abortion Students Destroy Pro-Life Memorial at Catholic School
Republican Jack Ciattarelli Will Concede New Jersey Governor's Race
Hunter Biden’s Wife Says Laptop from Hell ‘Doesn’t Exist’
CNN's Don Lemon: Rittenhouse Trial Judge Demeanor Grounds for 'Mistrial'
Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Charter School to Move to Larger Campus

Daily Caller
Dave Portnoy Goes Shock And Awe In War Against Business Insider
‘Always A Smart-Ass In The Bunch’: Hunter Biden, Wife Reportedly Get A Little Testy With Journalist Asking About Infamous Laptop
Superstar Actress Says Rittenhouse Was Crying About Getting ‘His AR 15’ Taken, Not That ‘He Murdered Human Beings’
EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Told Former Agents The Bureau Will ‘Stay In Its Own Lane’ And Won’t Be Attending School Board Meetings
‘Racist Judge With His Trump Rally Cellphone’: Left-Wing Journalist Has A Meltdown Over Judge In Rittenhouse Case

Daily Wire
Rittenhouse Spokesman Slams Biden For Ad Implying Teen A ‘White Supremacist’
WATCH: Man Who Admitted To Pointing Gun At Rittenhouse Derides Teen For Crying On Stand: ‘Like A Child’
Report: Dumpsters Overflow And Trash Piles Up Near Global COP26 Climate Summit
California School District Votes To Defy State’s Vaccine Mandate
Iranian-Backed Extremists Storm U.S. Embassy In Yemen, Take Hostages And Seize Equipment: Reports

Gateway Pundit
Trump Jumps Into MI State Politics...Endorses Pro-Forensic Audit Conservative Matt Maddock As Michigan’s Next House Speaker
NJ Republican Ed Durr Tells Hilarious Story About Phone Call With The Democrat He Defeated (VIDEO)
Youtube is Up to Its Tricks Again - Announces it Will Hide Public 'Dislike' Counts in All Videos After Joe and Kamala Are Continually Ratioed
Cardiologist Who Said He 'Won't Cry at Funeral' For "Selfish" Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab
CDC Admits It Has No Record of an Unvaccinated Person Spreading Covid After Recovering From Covid

Austria “Days Away” From Imposing Lockdown on the Unvaccinated
‘Left Winger’ Bill Ackman Says Kyle Rittenhouse Is “A Patriot Who Acted In Self-Defense”, Media Assumes Twitter Account Hacked
LinkedIn censors interview with British cardiologist who criticized Pfizer vaccine data coverup
Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mum Says Her Son ‘Not a White Supremacist’ as She Scolds Biden for ‘Defaming’ Him
Fact checkers rush to explain how Biden didn’t MEAN to call Satchel Paige ‘the great Negro’

Just The News
Israeli company building largest U.S. solar project on Indiana farmland
iBuying changing the face of real estate, even with Zillow's recent failure
Pennsylvania Republicans want to create a new Bureau of Election Audits
26 state school board associations distance from national group that likened parents to terrorists
Judge approves final $626 million Flint Water settlement

National File
BREAKING: DC Guards Maced 1/6 Inmate for Not Wearing Face Mask, Sparking Fight That Required Jail to Lockdown – Lawyer
VIDEO: Rittenhouse Judge Rebukes Prosecutor For Attacking And Politicizing A Witness, ‘This is Not A Political Trial’
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Seemingly Acknowledged Joe Has Dementia in Texts Sent to Psychiatrist
BREAKING: Biden Refers To Black Baseball Player Satchel Paige As ‘The Great Negro At The Time’
TEXTS: Hunter Biden Described Business Deals With Russia And China, Including With ‘Vladimir Putin’ And CCP’s ‘Chief Of Intelligence’

New York Post
Myanmar court sentences US journalist to 11 years in jail
5 injured, including 2 cops, at Golden Gate Bridge anti-vaxxer rally
Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom blasts Biden, claims he ‘defamed’ her son
Meadows ordered to testify to Jan. 6 panel on Friday — or face contempt
Project Veritas legal memos show strategy of trying to avoid breaking federal law

Column: New Jersey Democracy Died In Darkness?
Joy Reid, Michael Steele Spew More Youngkin Lies, Defend Porn in Schools
The So-Called Meritocracy Isn’t The Problem
‘Slow-Rolling Insurgency’; Reid, Pals Accuse All Conservatives of Being Terrorists
TERRORISM: Nets Ignore BLM Threatening to Bring 'Bloodshed' to NYC

Johnson & Johnson Plans to Split Into 2 Companies
Amazon Fire Users: Get Newsmax for Free!
Report: NJ Gov. Candidate Ciattarelli Will Concede to Murphy Friday
McConnell to Skip Infrastructure Bill Signing After Trump Ridicules Him
Committee Probing Capitol Riot Threatens to Hold Mark Meadows in Contempt

One America News
Federal court orders Biden’s DOJ to stop extracting data from phones of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe
Honoring 100 years of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Biden admin. expanding benefits to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits
Fla. Gov. DeSantis says he will send migrants to Del.
Calif. school district will not comply with vaccine mandate

PJ Media
A Special Message About Freedom and Fun From Stephen Kruiser
Rittenhouse Self-Defense Case Heads to Conclusion After Defense Rests. Here's What You Missed.
Intra-GOP Battle Brewing Over New Gay Republican Coalition
Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame for the Inflation Fiasco
Judge Orders FBI to Stop Search of Project Veritas Founder O'Keefe's Phone Following Raid

Red State
Barack Obama Steps In It Once Again, This Time Proving His Own Total Hypocrisy
Gavin Newsom Extends COVID Executive Orders Again (And Again)
Sex Cells: Low COVID Vaccine Rates Prompt a Pro-Poke Promo — at a Brothel
Liberal Effort to Get Rittenhouse Judge Removed Has Hilarious Twist to It
Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues Passes Away

Right Scoop
WATCH: Tucker interviews Edward Durr and it was GREAT!
BREAKING: Court tells the government to STOP trying to break into James O’Keefe’s phones that they seized
BOOM: Trump wins temporary BLOCK of his files at National Archives
New Memo reveals White House was “actively engaged” with NSBA before letter sent to DOJ calling parents ‘domestic terrorists’
This is good example of how pathetic the prosecution’s case is right now in Rittenhouse case…

The Federalist
Yale Now Has More Administrators Than Undergrads Thanks To A Mammoth Bureaucracy
Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik Sings The Protest Song That Other Rock Artists Won’t
The Left’s Approach To Cultural Warfare Is Completely Inconsistent
Sen. Johnson Probes FBI Aerial Surveillance After Rittenhouse Defense Suspects Foul Play In Kenosha Case
The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Comes Down To Rioting Good, Self-Defense Bad

The National Pulse
YouTube Hides the 'Dislike' Counter in Obvious Attempt to Shield Biden Regime.
We Will Remember Them... But Did We Ever Deserve Their Sacrifices?
Pelosi, Clinton Finance Director Becomes Lobbyist For Chinese Chamber Of Commerce.
RYUN: Senate Candidate Jim Lamon Talks Tough on China... While Doing Business With Them.
REVEALED: CDC, NIH Officials Were EcoHealth 'Partners' During Controversial Wuhan Gain Of Function Collaborations.

The New American
Ben Carson: No COVID Shots for Children, Mandates Open “Pandora’s Box”
States Push Back Against COVID Technocracy | Beyond the Cover
35 Navy SEALs Sue Biden, Department of Defense for Religious Discrimination Over Vaccine Mandates
States Slap Biden Admin With Lawsuit Over Vax Mandate for Healthcare Workers
Our Lawless Government Exposed By Doctor Robert Malone

After Supporting Infrastructure Bill 'Old Crow Mitch McConnell' Makes Curious Choice About Signing Ceremony
Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks January 6 Committee from Obtaining Trump White House Records
'A Badge of Stupidity and Shame': U.S. One of Just 7 Western Countries with Mask Mandates for Children
Consolation Prize? Biden Administration May Be Looking to Hire Terry McAuliffe After Last Week's Election Loss
All Adults in One State are Eligible for COVID-19 Booster Shots

'Straight-up propaganda': Dana Loesch & others have thoughts about NBC News' update on 'wounded paramedic' shot by Kyle Rittenhouse
Good Morning America tweets clip of interview with 'sole survivor shot by Kyle Rittenhouse' that ignores trial testimony
Randi Weingarten says LGBTQ people exist and banning books isn't something we should stand for
Viewers can't wait to join Dana Bash for CNN's series, 'Being Chris Christie'
'The reviews are in': Tucker Carlson trolls critics of his January 6 special with their own quotes

Washington Examiner
Three more top universities targeted by bomb threats
Polls show Biden is still infrastructure weak
Experts say China's hypersonic test wasn't a 'Sputnik' moment but is still concerning
Congress feeds nuclear industry billions to support new reactors and existing fleet
Truckers needed to help alleviate US supply chain woes

Washington Free Beacon
Thus Spake Omarova
Swiss Billionaire Bankrolling Dark Money Group Pushing for Biden Climate Initiative
Organizer of 2010 Gaza Flotilla Launches Congressional Campaign
Social Media Companies Suppressed Claims of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Innocence
WATCH: Lincoln Project Founder Slams ‘Recklessly Stupid’ Neo-Nazi Cosplay Stunt

Washington Times
Inside the Beltway: 'Private citizens' maintain the border
Jared Polis, Colorado governor, defies feds, says all adults can get COVID boosters
Court temporarily delays release of Trump's Jan. 6 records
Tax expert: Biden's plan to hire 80K IRS agents will backfire, let wealthy dodge taxes
States, cities offer scholarships, money for kids to get COVID shots

Western Journal
Hateful Pro-Choice Activists Destroy a Cross Set Up to Commemorate 800,000 Aborted Babies
Over 500 Dogs Rescued from Breeder in Sickening Case
No, the Judge Isn't Biased Toward Rittenhouse - This Is How He Has Always Handled Cases
Ironclad Videos Show That COVID Lockdown Protesters and BLM Rioters Are Nothing Alike
Bob Ehrlich: The Disastrous Practice of 'Too Cute by Half' Led to the 2021 Election GOP Knockout

World Net Daily
Medical research risks credibility with adoption of 'racism' standards
Franklin Graham wins legal fight to present Gospel message in U.K.
Kerry says addressing China's slave labor not his 'lane'
Vietnam vet, a Jan. 6 'Biden political prisoner,' pleads for freedom
Realtors confirm double-digit gains in home prices

Zero Hedge
Frogs Will Get Boiled As Regime Change Is Coming
Singapore Cancels Free Healthcare For Those "Unvaccinated By Choice"
Congolese Refugees Use Bitcoin To Build Grassroots Economy
COP-Out? Global Climate Plans Fall Short
'Left Winger' Bill Ackman Says Kyle Rittenhouse Is "A Patriot Who Acted In Self-Defense", Media Assumes Twitter Account Hacked

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