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Re: Top 5 Stories

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American Greatness
Over $100 Million Worth of Border Wall Equipment Wasted, Sitting Unused in Texas
Kamala Harris Uses Child Actors in Video to Promote NASA
Newest Iteration of Superman Comes Out as Bisexual
Morning Greatness: Biden Flying 1K Afghans a Day to U.S.
Between America and You

American Thinker
Mahan and the Problem of China
School Shootings and Students of Color
Surveilling the Dems for ‘Tells’
The Benefits of Blue State Bankruptcy
Figuring out the lack of connection between CO2 and ice ages

Big League Politics
REPORT: Virginia Father Arrested After His Teen Daughter Allegedly Raped by Trans Student in Public School
Joy Behar Demands Black People Trust COVID Vaccines Because ‘The Experiment Has Been Done On White People’
Biden Regime Throws Away National Security By Buying CCP Drone Technology
Man’s Kidney Transplant Denied Due To Hospital’s COVID Vax Policy
Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden’s Open Borders Regime, Calls Out Mayorkas for Lying

Bizpac Review
Hillary Clinton warns attack against ‘legitimacy’ of elections after blasting Trump as ‘illegitimate president’
Southwest CEO blames Biden EO for implementing mandate he claims not to support. But does it even exist?
‘Insurrectionists in suits and ties’: Frustrated Schiff vows to prosecute Trump officials snubbing Jan 6 subpoenas
Wife of Navy spy busted for selling nuke sub secrets supporter of the ‘Resistance’ and no fan of Trump
Tucker sets Biden straight for mocking Fox News over an 'alleged' network vaccine mandate

Blaze News
While mocking 'white anti-vaxxers,' Joy Reid blasts iconic guitarist Eric Clapton as a 'jerk' for his 'racist past' and pushing 'vaccine disinformation'
Study: Synthetic 'everywhere chemicals' found in hundreds of daily products linked to premature death in US
Man arrested at Loudoun County school board meeting says officials covered up his daughter's rape
Squires: Jon Gruden’s fall from grace is the natural result of corporations that embrace cultural Darwinism
Whitlock: The NFL canceled Jon Gruden for sins against wokeism

Exclusive - Rep. Greg Murphy: Ignoring 'Natural Immunity' Is About 'Control'
W.H.O.-- Climate Crisis Is ‘Single Biggest Health Threat Facing Humanity’
Report: Supply Chain Crisis Will Damage U.S. Economy Until 2023
WATCH: Chicago Fan Uses Prosthetic Leg to Catch Ball at White Sox Game
Large Group of Migrant Children Abandoned near Border in Arizona Desert

Daily Caller
Pelosi Says She Thinks ‘A Lot’ About Things She’d Do If She ‘Ruled The World’
‘I Know Who Has Done This’ — Rep. Maxine Waters Claims Twitter Account Was Hacked, Deleted
REPORT: Trump Company Close To Selling DC Hotel
Tuesday Patriots Dispatch: Where’s Kamala Harris? Still Not At The Border
Employees Returning To Office At Highest Rate Since Pandemic Started

Daily Wire
Labor Dept. Report: Record 4.3 Million Workers Quit Their Jobs In August
Chicago Suffering Officer Shortage, Can’t Find Recruits: ‘People Don’t Want To Be The Police’
High School Student In Wyoming Arrested After Refusing To Wear Facemask
Navy Nuclear Engineer And Wife Facing Life In Jail, Suspected Of Selling Nuclear Secrets
Viral Fauci Doc Shot Shows Dr. Working Alongside Portrait Of Himself In Home Office

Gateway Pundit
Dominion's Eric Coomer Has a Tattoo on His Arm by Artist Listed Number One by the Church of Satan
"I Know Who Has Done This" - Maxine Waters Trolled After Claiming Hacker Erased Her Twitter Account
Southwest Airlines to Comply with Biden Vaccine 'Mandate' Over Texas Ban as Flight Cancelations Continue
BIDEN’S SO-CALLED VACCINE MANDATE That Jeopardizes Millions of Jobs Doesn’t Exist..."It’s All A Mirage"
REPORT: Indiana Walgreens "Accidentally" Gives Pfizer COVID Jabs To 4 and 5 Yr Old Siblings...Pediatric Cardiologist Is Reportedly Treating Both Kids For Heart Issues [VIDEO]

The Truth About the ‘Green Economy’
Southwest Airlines CEO Blames Biden For Vaccine Mandates, Says He Never Supported Them
Watch: Nurse Escorted Out of Hospital for Refusing Vaccine
Polyester a “100% Effective Contraceptive” – Study
‘Jab ‘Em in Their Sleep’: Philippines’ Duterte Proposes New Way to Force Injections

Just The News
House to vote on short-term measure in raise debt ceiling, send to Biden, avert potential defaults
Pelosi: There will be new IRS bank reporting requirements but $600 amount negotiable
Hillary Clinton says won't run again for elected office but 'never going to get out' of politics
UCLA hiring administrator to flag legislation opposing Critical Race Theory, craft legal challenges
Climate activists descend on the White House, vandalize a statue of Andrew Jackson, issue demands

National File
VIDEO: Catholic Nun Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Globalist Plot For Population Control, Pope Francis Their ‘Spiritual Leader’
Southwest Airlines CEO: Biden’s ‘Controversial’ Vax Mandate ‘Not Anything I Wish For’, Airline ‘Not Going To Fire Any Employees’
New Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Is Transgender Woman With Parents Born In Communist China
Netflix CEO Stands By Dave Chappelle, Will Not Cancel Him Because Alphabet People Are Mad On Twitter
Merck Asks FDA For Emergency Use Authorization For Its $700 COVID Pill, Biden Already Bought 1.7 Million

New York Post
Rep. Maxine Waters says that her Twitter account was hacked and erased
Virginia, Louisiana school boards reject federal help to probe violence against staff
Couple shocked to find Chihuahua hiding in luggage before flight to Las Vegas
Navy engineer who ‘hid US secrets in peanut butter sandwich’ appears in court
Every Supreme Court Justices’ view on abortion in their own words

CNN Hypes Party-Switching Ex-GOPer, Buried Party-Switching Ex-Dem
Bent into a Pretzel: NYT’s Neil Irwin Spins Terrible BLS Jobs Report as ‘Pretty Good, Actually’
Lying Netflix CEO: We Don’t Allow ‘Hate’ (But They Do, Against Christians)
Editor’s Pick: Fox on ABC Accusing Sinema of ‘Hard Turn to the Right’
Hillary Clinton Calls For MORE Big Tech Censorship

South Carolina Sports Radio Host Fired After Refusing COVID Vaccine
2 Bookmakers Have Trump as Favorite to Win 2024 Election
North Carolina Lt. Gov. Refuses to Resign Over LGBT 'Filth' Comment
Nets' Irving Can't Play, Practice With Team Because of Vaccine Mandate
NY Judge Grants Injunction Against COVID Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

One America News
Manhunt for Brian Laundrie continues while the public observes 1 month since Gabby Petito’s disappearance
Ariz. sheriff’s deputy succumbs to injuries after being beaten by suspect
Air Traffic Control warned Calif. pilot he was flying too low before crash
State Dept. spokesman on Taliban: Discussions were professional
Rep. Brady calls out Biden, Dems on infrastructure

PJ Media
Smoke and Mirrors: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Actually Exist
Big Trouble Ahead as Record Number of Workers Quit Their Jobs in August
Memo to Washington Establishment: No, Trump Didn't Cause Low Public Trust in Democracy
Tennessee Family Court Judge Jailed Minority Children Illegally for Years—and She's Still on the Bench
Vindication for Those Who Challenged the Left's Narrative on Kids and COVID-19

Red State
CODE RED: Live From the Fake White House
NBA Teams Drop the Hammer on Unvaccinated Players, but They're Still Speaking Out
They Don't Respect the Symbol Which Is Why They Destroy the Meaning Behind Them
Democrat Insiders Freak About Joe Biden but Still Manage to Miss the Point
Southwest CEO Claims 'No Evidence' Flights Were Canceled Over Vaccine Mandates

Right Scoop
Southwest Airlines CEO says he doesn’t like mandates, blames Biden for forcing him to do it
BREAKING: NBA superstar banned from team over vaccine
REVEALED: Kamala’s hokey space video that bombed had child actors who had to audition for the roles
“I’m not going to take the vaccine” – Airline pilot explains to Tucker just how bad it’s going to get because of Biden’s vaccine mandate
BREAKING: Raiders head coach Jon Gruden gets CANCELED over old emails about gays, women, etc

The Federalist
Gov. Abbott Bans ‘Any Entity’ From Mandating COVID Vaccines In Texas
Police Are Rebuilding, But Don’t Forget It Was Democrats Who Tore Them Down To Win An Election
Mollie Hemingway Goes Behind The Scenes Of Her Explosive New Book ‘Rigged’
Watchdog Group Files Interior IG Complaint Over Tracy Stone-Manning’s Apparent Lie To Congress
The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg

The National Pulse
DATA: Most Americans Say Fauci Has 'Lost ALL Credibility'.
CHINA FIRST: Biden-Linked CCP Oil Firm Hits Record Production Amidst Keystone Pipeline Cancellation.
EXC: Facebook Whistleblower's Private Twitter Account Reveals Marxist Sympathies.
Pfizer Whistleblower Reveals E-Mails Implying Aborted Baby Cell Use in Vaccine.
REVEALED: Pfizer Lobbying Hits Decade High as DOZENS of High-Profile Political Appointees Become Big Pharma Reps.

The New American
Thomas San Miguel, CEO of SGR Energy, Low-Sulfur Fuel Producer | FreedomFest 2021
Newsom Signs Law Banning Sale of Small Gas-powered Engines in California
Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Vaccine Mandates
Polish Court: National Constitution Trumps EU Law
Superman Now a “Bisexual,” Joins Chorus of LGBT Superheroes

Report: Could Republicans Be on the Brink of a Clean Sweep in Virginia?
The Media Is Trying REAL Hard to Bury Why Southwest Airlines Is Canceling Thousands of Flights
Hillary Clinton Confirms She's Staying in Politics Forever
We Don’t Need Your Permission: COVID Clown Offers Advice on Halloween Trick-or-Treating
Flashback: Biden Lied About Taxing the Middle Class in 2008

Daily Show producer calls GOP congressman and domestic terrorism survivor Steve Scalise a 'domestic terrorist' over 2020 election
OOPS! NJ Teacher's Union tries deleting tweet showing themselves with Gov. Murphy partying indoors MASKLESS (while they MASK your kids)
Liberal watchdog Walter Shaub advises meat eaters to stop complaining about America not doing enough to fight climate change
Nancy Pelosi warns Dems that a McAuliffe loss will 'essentially steamroll a path for Trump's comeback'
Watch out! Maxine Waters says knows the identity of the hacker who erased her Twitter account that she is currently tweeting from

Washington Examiner
Vaccine mandates had 'zero' to do with flight cancellations, Southwest CEO says
Pelosi backs ending congressional control over debt limit
Kyrie Irving won't play for Brooklyn Nets unless he gets COVID-19 vaccine
Husband and wife would-be nuclear spy pair in US Marshals custody after first court appearance
'Fantasy land': International aid to Afghanistan will enrich the Haqqani Network, House Republican argues

Washington Free Beacon
University of Michigan Professor Pushed Out of Teaching Course for Screening Blackface ‘Othello’
YouTube Permanently Bans Conservative Think Tank Without Explanation
Leaked Docs: Prestigious DC School Poised To Crack Down on ‘Harmful’ Humor
Growing Advertising Model Puts Reporters and Lawmakers at the Center of the Corporate Pitch
Pro-Life Cop Sues Dem Mayor for Violating Religious Freedom

Washington Times
Pelosi says supply chain disruptions must be dealt with at home and abroad
Pelosi: $600 IRS reporting threshold subject to 'negotiation'
Trump target Liz Cheney posts strong fundraising haul ahead of primary fight
Dems' 'Plan C' for amnesty could protect 7.1 million illegal immigrants
Dan Crenshaw pens children's book warning against cancel culture

Western Journal
'We Have All the Power': Airline Pilot Warns Biden's Mandate Will Create 'Massive Disruptions' of Shipping and Travel
Lindsey Graham Reveals City Set to Become the 'Next Del Rio' as Illegal Migrants Pinpoint Border Weakness
Top Pentagon Official Quits, Says America Has 'Already Lost' Key Battle with China
Elderly Woman Jailed for Breaking Hospital's COVID Rules by Refusing to Leave Her Ailing Daughter's Bedside
Poll: Number of Americans Who Trust Biden Is Telling the Truth About COVID Plummets

World Net Daily
NFL coach pressured into resigning after years-old private emails come tonight
Elderly woman jailed for breaking hospital's COVID rules by refusing to leave ailing daughter's bedside
Surprise! U.N. tosses climate claims brought by Greta Thunberg
Watchdog demands investigation of Biden's eco-terror-linked appointee
Dershowitz: Garland is chilling free speech with attack on parents

Zero Hedge
Coinbase Plans To Launch NFT Marketplace By End Of Year
911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab
Stellar 10Y Auction Sends Yields To Session Lows
Memory-Chip Price "Correction" Underway, World's Forth-Largest DRAM-Maker Warns
Fed Losing Control As Consumers' Inflation Expectations Hit New All Time High


Gold is $1,581/oz today. When it hits $2,000, it will be up 26.5%. Let's see how long that takes. - De 3/11/2013 - ANSWER: 7 Years, 5 Months

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Re: Top 5 Stories
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American Greatness
New York Art Gallery that Sells Hunter Biden’s Work Received $500,000 in Federal COVID Loans
Far-Left Activists Plan to Further Harass Kyrsten Sinema at Boston Marathon
Fauci Says Not to Declare Victory Even as COVID Cases Decline
Morning Greatness: Flights Cancelled as Pilots Fight Vax Mandates
Beware of Regime-Approved Whistleblowers

American Thinker
Bond: The Hero and the Myth
On Indigenous Peoples’ Day Remember the Indigenous Europeans That Were Conquered and Enslaved by Other Races
Why Columbus Day is Worth Defending
A Few Steps More Toward Authoritarianism
The Left's Psychiatric Weapon

Big League Politics
Britain Set to Increase Female Prisoners’ Sentences for ‘Misgendering’ Trans Inmates
Trudeau Bans Unvaccinated From Travel, Leaving the Country, And Earning A Living
British Police End Investigation into Longtime Epstein Associate Prince Andrew, Take No Action
Tens Of Thousands of French Protest Vaccine Passports For 13th Week In A Row
Fauci Backs Down, Authorizes Halloween Trick-or-Treating for Families

Bzpac Review
Left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle explains role of natural immunity in lowering Covid cases Cali
MSNBC falsely warns of 'rolling coup,' GOP 'will not certify a democratic victory in 2024’ if they control House
Allen West's COVID hospitalization made him even 'more dedicated' to fight vax mandates. Here's why.
Man pulled from truck, reportedly beaten to death by crowd after driving onto sidewalk near LA
Fmr. cop tells on Capitol Police senior officers 'blankly staring at TV screens, doing nothing' during Jan. 6 riot

Blaze News
When can fully vaccinated Americans stop wearing masks? Dr. Fauci doesn't provide answer
New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death
Horowitz: Arkansas supermajority Republicans end session without any protection for workers
Navy nuclear engineer and wife arrested on espionage charges for trying to sell submarine secrets to foreign power by way of a peanut butter sandwich
NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson takes defiant stand as he faces calls to resign after calling homosexuality 'filth': 'I will not back down'

New Zealand Forces 'No Jab, No Job' Regime on Teachers, Healthworkers
Harry and Meghan Won’t Return to UK for Diana Statue Event
Taiwan President: Our People 'Will Not Bow to Pressure' from China
U.S. Drops Trump-Imposed Sanctions Against Two Iran Companies
Spain Commences New Operation to Transport Afghans to Europe

Daily Caller
Man Allegedly Kills Police Officer Working His First Shift. Authorities Later Arrest Him
Navy Nuclear Engineer, Wife Arrested For Espionage
Bengals Kicker Evan McPherson Celebrates Field Goal That He Misses Against The Packers
Wisconsin Opens As A -10 Favorite Over Army
David Harbour Hypes Up ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Daily Wire
Dr. Fauci Finally Gives His Blessing For This One Holiday
Does Citizenship Mean Much Anymore?
Toys R They? CA Law Requires Stores To Have Gender-Neutral Area For Kids’ Products
Scotland Yard Closes Case Against Prince Andrew After Reviewing Sex Assault Claims
Alleged Illegal Alien From China Charged With Arson Fire At Historic Church In Alabama

Gateway Pundit
"After this experience, I am Even More Dedicated to fighting Against Vaccine Mandates" - Col. Allen West and His Wife Come Down with Coronavirus
Nonprofit Catholic Owned Hospital Denies Religious Exemptions to Approximately 650 Employees for COVID Vaccine
Living the American Dream: Son of Afghanistan's Former Defense Minister Purchases $20.9 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills
UPDATE: Denver Police Officer Who Reluctantly Took the Jab Then Lost His Ability to Walk Is Now Hospitalized with Possible Stroke
Factcheck: Dr. Fauci's Claim that the "Highly Effective and Safe Vaccine" Prevents Individual from Getting Infected with COVID-19 is FALSE (VIDEO)

Hundreds Of Thousands Of US Troops Defy Biden’s Covid Vaccine Mandate! – The American Journal
Former Director Of National Intelligence Issues Warning Over Biden Buying Chinese Drones For Feds
Videos: Italians Fight Back Against Violent Police While Protesting Vaccine Mandates
Conservative Politician Blasted For Claiming French Are Being “Ethnically Cleansed” by Migrants
Video: Fauci Grants Permission For Kids To Go Trick Or Treating

Just The News
Merck requests FDA emergency use authorization for COVID-19 antiviral pill
Ex-Democrat presidential candidate says Biden officials lying to Congress about border security
Herschel Walker's Senate campaign raised $3.7 million in first five weeks
Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops reportedly aren’t vaccinated as deadline approaches
Senate Democrat zings Schumer on timing of debt ceiling tirade against GOP

National File
Players Defend Jon Gruden Against Takedown Campaign Waged By Union Boss And D.C. Activist Group
Noem Draws Bipartisan Ire For Demanding South Dakotans Celebrate ‘Native American Heritage’ Instead of Columbus Day
CNN Admits Gas Prices Have Surged To Highest Point Since 2014, Says Biden’s Excuses May Not ‘Work Super Well’
‘Fauci’ Movie Flops on IMDB, Receives Average User Rating Of 1.8 Stars Out Of 10
Vernon Jones Cries ‘Bigot’ After ‘Jive Talk’ Interview, Peters Questions Court Case, Rumors He Pursues Women At Political Events

New York Post
Brian Laundrie’s parents remove protest laundry baskets from their lawn
Lego commits to removing ‘gender bias and harmful stereotypes’ from its toys
Brian Laundrie likely hiding somewhere he’s ‘being taken care of,’ ex-FBI official says
Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter says she was told not to reveal ‘active information’
Gunman kills woman on Los Angeles Metro train

ABC Presses Sec. Yellen to Back Harebrained Dem Schemes for Debt Ceiling
UNHINGED CNN: GOP 'Dumping Anthrax' In Our Water, Fox News Is 'Killing People!'
Facebook Using Incorrect AP ‘Fact-Check’ To Censor Posts: Report
Brian Williams Blames Biden Poll Plunge on 'Really Crappy Reporting'
PBS Uses Misleading Poll to Make Abortion Seem Popular

Dr. Jha to Newsmax: 'No Doubt' Delta Surge Slowing Down
GOP Seeks to Boost Hispanic Support Ahead of Midterms
Sen. Cruz Blames Canceled Southwest Flights on Biden Vaccine Mandate
Herschel Walker Nets $3.7M in Contributions Since Announcing Senate Bid
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny Team Up to Write Novel 'State of Terror'

One America News
President Trump at Iowa rally: We’re going to take America back
Yellen: The U.S. should never be in the position to invoke 14th Amendment on extending debt limit
Chris Christie calls out Schumer over speech ‘kicking Republicans in the face’
Southwest Airlines cancels more than 1.8K flights
Missing Texas toddler reunited with family

PJ Media
Fauci Grants Permission for Families to Celebrate Halloween
The Morning Briefing: Can America Survive the Addled Lunatic Biden?
Where Have You Gone, Columbus Day?
Newsom Signs 'Ethnic Studies' Bill for High School Graduation Requirement—But Don't You Dare Call It Critical Race Theory
L.A. County Sheriff Says No to Forced, 'Politicized' Covid Shots for Cops

Red State
Falling Apart: Democrats Already Finger Pointing at Each Other Up Over Upcoming Midterm Losses
Terrified Virginia Democrats Seek to Change Election Laws After Voting Has Already Started
CODE RED: Fox News Killed My Mother!
First Southwest Cancellations, Are American and Now Amtrak Next?
Here's the Reason Google Is Going After "Climate Denial" Right Now

Right Scoop
Southwest Airlines suddenly canceled thousands of flights this weekend and Ted Cruz knows WHY
WATCH: This video message from TRUMP to Ashli Babbitt’s family has LIBS freaking OUT
THE REAL ANTIVAX: Dr. Evil tells CNN he can’t PREDICT when fully vaccinated people can breathe without MASKS
LOOK: Over 20,000!!! attend TRUMP rally in Iowa. WATCH: Donald Trump’s FULL speech here.
Adam Carolla: Dave Chappelle plays WOKE idiots like a FIDDLE. Left can’t STAND other points of view.

The Federalist
Biden Administration: Parents Who Oppose Racism Are Domestic Terrorists
In Canceling Gifted Education In New York City, The Left Tells Parents Yet Again: Your Kids Belong To Us
12 Pro-Life Truths To Counter Every Abortion Myth
After Keystone Pipeline Cancellation, Oil Begins To Flow Through New Route On Line 3
Christian Leaders Need To Stand For The Consciences Of Their Flocks Against Vaccine Coercion

The National Pulse
EXC: Facebook Whistleblower's Private Twitter Account Reveals Marxist Sympathies.
Pfizer Whistleblower Reveals E-Mails Implying Aborted Baby Cell Use in Vaccine.
REVEALED: Pfizer Lobbying Hits Decade High as DOZENS of High-Profile Political Appointees Become Big Pharma Reps.
Anti-Vax Mandate Protests Continue Across France as Election Season Heats Up.
6 Scandals The Media Won't Tell You About Outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins.

The New American
The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?
Biden Proclaims Indigenous Peoples Day, Trashes European Explorers
Lost in Space: Kamala Gets Repackaged. And Then Rejected — Again?
California Makes “Ethnic Studies” a Graduation Requirement for Class of 2030
Pfizer Officially Asks FDA to Approve COVID Jab for Children Aged 5 to 11

Pro-Abortion PA State Rep. Proposes Parody Legislation to Require Vasectomies
ICYMI: What Kamala Harris Was Doing Instead of Attending US-Mexico Border Security Meeting
Many Cities Are Reversing Course on 'Defund the Police'
Taliban to US: We're Not Going to Help Out on the Whole Stomping Out Extremism Thing
Adam Schiff Has Some Regrets About Letting Robert Mueller Testify

Weird, right? Politico's Blake Hounshell finds it notable that some Dems blame Joe Biden — 'not Republicans or anti-vaxxers' — for US stagnation
DRINK! CNN's Dana Bash's REACTION when Terry McAuliffe brings up Trump AGAIN during his #VAGov interview is actually HILARIOUS (watch)
'Eat it, @SouthwestAir': Rep. Chip Roy says Southwest and other airlines should pay back their bailout money
New study finds this OTC drug that's probably already in your medicine cabinet can significantly cut Covid risk
We've entered the 'feds kill high school's adopted wolf pups' stage of the 'Let's Go, Brandon!' presidency

Washington Examiner
GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker raises $3.7 million in five weeks
Merck requests US emergency approval for COVID-19 tablet
Investigation of Prince Andrew in Virginia Giuffre case dropped
Louisiana scores low marks for ‘regulatory openness’
RNC invests in Hispanic outreach as it courts key demographic ahead of 2022

Washington Free Beacon
US Officials Call Talks With Taliban ‘Candid and Professional’
Oil Prices Spike to Multi-Year Highs
Docs: Nebraska Agency Secretly Tapped Planned Parenthood Ally To Shape Radical Sex Ed Curriculum
How To Break the Cycle of Abuse
Reboot Required

Washington Times
Inside the Beltway: Democratic Party now 'off the deep end'
Biden's grip on Democrats weakens, as allies criticize inaction, agenda
No. 2 House Republican refuses to say election wasn't stolen
Ratcliffe hits Biden administration for allegedly buying drones from China
Iraqis go to polls in low numbers; outcome could impact Iran's influence

Western Journal
Airline Crippled Nationwide: Blames Weather Amid Court Battle Over Vaccine Mandate
Biden Headed for Disaster in 2022: New Poll Delivers Grim Warning to Democrats Across the Country
Rep. Crenshaw Warns 'Huge Exodus' Could Gut Military as Vaccine Deadline Approaches
Brian Laundrie's Parents Change Their Story; Police Working the Case Say Something Just Isn't Right
Navy Nuclear Engineer and Wife Arrested in Counter-Espionage Raid

World Net Daily
Tragedy in Georgia: Officer killed on his first shift, ambush suspected
As military vaccine deadline approaches, Rep. Crenshaw warns of a 'huge exodus'
U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and wife arrested in counter-espionage raid, secrets found at 'dead drop'
State-enforced gender neutrality: Governor signs law to create progressive new toy aisle
After child has bike stolen, police officers plan amazing surprise

Zero Hedge
Dip-Buyers Beware: "The Reflexive Short Vol Trade Has Left The Building"
Key Events This Week: An "Extremely Important" CPI Print, Retail Sales And Q3 Earnings
Metropolitan Police Drop Latest Probe Into Allegations Against Prince Andrew
Judge Orders Philadelphia To Remove Plywood Box Covering Columbus Statue
China Tech Stocks Extend Gains On Meituan Fine Relief

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