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I spent about 20 minutes talking with Nemo a few minutes ago. He had a surgery yesterday to remove some cancer mass from his stomach / espohagus opening and I am guessing a lump off his exterior stomach that was growing as well.

He is being fed intravenously and has lost considerable weight since this disease progressed and he got sicker.

He is in good spirits and he has finally gotten some info from one of his nurses regarding thinngs being done or given him for treatment which has helped quite a bit with the mental stress that would be normal.

He is dealing with this well and although he would like to go back home to rest he realizes that right now he cannot. He is better off where he is and allow the doctors to help get him back functioning as best they can..

When we take a minute out of our day to day living and contemplate some serious health issues that a family member or friend is going through it kind of puts in perspective what is really important in life and how much we should appreciate each day we have one at a time and be thankful for it..

He is resting now. He needs to sleep some. His voice sounds fairly strong so that to me is a good sign. I am sure having never been hospitalized before nor going through a difficult and major surgical procedures which he has gone through, it would be natural to be suspicious of constantly being poked and jabbed and getting shots and not being able to do anything by yourself that most people including Nemo would be al ittle on the questioning side of things and want to leave. So we had that topic of discussion and he is understnding now of the routines and practicum of how patient care post surgery and in almost helpless condition is performed and that the dotors who are watching him and overseeing his condition are focused on that while the nurses are following thier directives and caring for him.. He is not accustomed to this so it is a learning curve. He now understands what exactly is going on with is care and why he must be in the hospital at least a couple more days.

He is in need of a lot of prayer for healing and strength. Please keep him before the throne of grace and mercy and allow his creator to watch over him and perhaps even heal him. That is my prayer for Nemo..

Good night for now everyone...

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