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See y'all 

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Tue, 14 Sep 21 3:25 PM | 61 view(s)
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I need a break. A long one from here.
I am going to spend time with Nemo via phone and see what I can do for him.

Y'all can do all the advanced engineering on the trade tower as you are eminently qualified. No others could possibly have a different viable explanation backed by phusics, science and engineering priniples. I had not realized there were so many that were so talented in that field...

I must be out place.
Forgive me for desiring to be opn minded enough and curious enough yet at my age to actually desire to see and look at the work others have done and will be used in a court of law so it also has be right or they could be in huge legal jeopardy.

I hope maybe the next time someobody else states publicly that you are entitled to what YOU want to believe, please allow them the same courtesy without being MOCKED, made to be a conspiracy nut job, and they they do not know what the heck they are talking about, you may actually extend that courtesy.

For now, I am tired of being swiped at and I have betetr things to do anyway. I learned somethings about people's character though.

I apologized because if I had intentioinally upset and offended ZIM I wanted to make it right and end it..

He went on a spree afterward last night and I thought it may be the end. But I was wrong..

And Ribit is now joing in again..

What will ya do now that Nemo is dieing and I am not going to state anymore about scienctific evidence I want to see?
Talk about half naked or more females? Ya can only insult so many people bbefore they leave as well. So ya might want to do that a little more carefully.

Beldin, De, it's not about you. You were not part of this and I thank you for being the Adult in the room.

For now, I need to leave and get away.. enjoy yourselves as group think apparently is the new requirement....

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