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Re: R Rated hilarity

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Tue, 02 Feb 21 4:31 PM | 120 view(s)
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Poor kids to actually believe. Retail got it moving. Volatility / algo traders super charged it. They drop, retail holds the bag.


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R Rated hilarity
By: atomicbob
Tue, 02 Feb 21 3:17 PM
Msg. 30725 of 30745

Well what the hell, retard. What have we been telling you literally this whole time? πŸ’Ž πŸ‘. Its that fucking simple. What is so hard to understand about that?

Oh right, you're an illiterate 🦍. Whatever, let me help you out.

Common lil bitch questions:
Q: I'm seeing red in my account ohmygodwhatishappening

A: Holy π’»π“Šπ’Έπ“€. We've explained this before. Your brain must be polished all nice and shiny. Let me help you out.

Firstly, we've got to explain the basics. What happens when a stock price goes down? Well, that means that there are more sellers than buyers. That should be obvious. A larger supply and less demand means that the value of the product in question goes down until supply and demand balance out.

Now that you understand what's been driving economies since the first hairless 🦍🦍 decided to trade a mango for a handy, take a look at this post showing volume for the day. Do you see a large supply? No? That's right, you cute little drooling potato. All of you πŸ’ŽπŸ‘ absolute CHADS out there, you're doing great. Keep it up sweethearts. Nobody is selling.

So then why is price going down? Well, there's this thing called a short ladder attack.

Q: That sounds complicated! What's a sho-

shut the fuck up and let me finish. Don't interrupt me again or I'm gonna give DFV's address to your wife, and we'll see how long she stays with you.

A short ladder attack is when two big whales (read: Melvin and his wife's boyfriend) sell stocks to each other, rapidly, at decreasing values. Remember when I told you about supply and demand? This is an artificial inflation of supply without demand increasing along with it. What does that do to the price? It drops it.

Short ladder attacks are not effective in one of two situations. Either there's a third whale (the guy that fucks Melvin's boyfriend - I know this a complicated love triangle but keep up) who matches the artificial supply with their demand, and they buy up the short ladder attacks. Or, there's too much volume in the stock, and the tiny dick plays being done by Melvin and his wife's boyfriend isn't increasing the supply for the stock in any meaningful way. We actually have seen examples of both.

First off, on Thursday BEFORE Robinfuckyou locked GME buying down, you see the insane volume? Melvin's short ladder attacks were entirely ineffective, as the volume of their short ladder was tiny in comparison to the real trades (mostly buying) that were happening. You see what happened right after the lockout? Volume stayed high as people bought the dip - but then, almost like magic, as the volume flatlined, the decent to Thursday's closing price of $197 began. People weren't selling, but Melvin's short ladder attacks became very effective as Robinhood users suddenly couldn't match the demand of the previous hours. Melvin's short ladder attacks went from a very small volume in comparison to real trades, to very large volume in comparison to real trades, and we've been seeing this ever since.

Secondly, remember how I mentioned a short ladder attack can be countered by a third whale buying to match the increased artificial supply? We saw this on Friday, as we fought to hold levels above $320. We were expecting a massive short ladder attack right before market close, and we got it - but a whale jumped in and gobbled up every single share that Melvin and his wife's boyfriend put up for sale. Kjetille Stjerne and his friends claimed credit, and perhaps they did, there's no way of knowing right now - what we do know however, is that whoever Ancient Omega Level God whale bought up those shares was, they saved our asses on Friday and kept closing price above $320. Just look at the volume spike right before close. Melvin definitely trying some 🌈🐻 shit, but the aforementioned whale kept us above water.

You can speak now.

Q: Okay, so I get what short ladder attacks are, and I see how they're affecting the price. But what's to stop 🌈🐻 Melvin from doing this until the price hits $0?

That's actually a great question! There's 3 factors at play here that prevent this from happening.

Firstly retail investors buying. This provides a small, but steady pushback against the short ladder attacks. Its like a guy falling from the sky. Without retail investors (the parachute) he goes into an utter free fall and fucking dies. With retail investors (again, the parachute), that decent isn't stopped, but its slowed. Its important to note that retail investor buy pressure would normally outweigh the short ladder attacks, but Robinhood's limitations are stopping too many from buying. Hopefully we'll see the buy pressure from retail increase as people are able to swap cash over from their Robinhood account to Fidelity/Vanguard, but for now, there's still lots of people stuck in limbo (cash is still in the transfer phase). This pressure will be released like a fat nut after blue balling for 6 hours if Robinhood allows unlimited buying again, but we shouldn't count on that. Its important to note (I actually highlighted this on the Friday chart on the dip) that you beautiful, gorgeous autists aren't selling, but rather buying the dips. We can see proof of that via lack of volume during price free falls, and then an increase in volume as people buy the fucking dip. If you're ever worried about your fellow autists selling, just pay attention to volume. It'll tell you everything you need to know.

Secondly, whales buying. Again, I touched on this talking about Kjetille Stjerne on Friday, but the fact of the matter is that in these tiny volume situations, large buys from whales can affect the price. And I mean REALLY affect the price. At this point, I think a single buy from someone like RC or daddy Elon could launch it high enough to begin a short squeeze. The volume is just too small for Melvin to prevent it. u/jn_ku has some fantastic analysis on this whole situation posted on investing (sit the fuck down WSB puritans, its good stuff). I'd highly encourage each and every one of you to check it out, but the take away that I want to point to is his analysis on volatility. As total shares available and total shares being traded (read: volume) are lowered, buys and sells affect the price more. And fear not - we have whales who have yet to play their hand on our side. RC for example could scoop up a fuckton of shares any day, if he weren't worried about the SEC coming after him for market manipulation (ironic, huh? Fuck you right in the ass SEC).

Thirdly, Melvin and his 🌈🐻 gang can't just scoop up shares to cover their shorts after they ladder attack the price down. The whole point of a ladder attack is to artificially inject supply, to make people panic and sell, which will inject real supply, which they can then buy to cover their shorts. If people diamond hand, and no one sells, no matter how low the price gets, no real supply will ever be injected into the market and they'll never be able to cover. You see GME's price going down and down because Melvin and his cronies exclusively are selling. Nobody else. Melvin can't buy shares from themselves, and they buying shares from the people shorting and ladder attacking with them doesn't actually decrease the total amount of shorted shares at all, since they're buying a share to cover a short but taking a share that could cover a short at the same time. No matter how fucking low the price gets, $100, $50, $1, they can't cover if you have the balls to πŸ’ŽπŸ‘. You may be asking, what if they buy calls and let the price recover after a short ladder attack to cover via exercising the calls without actually ever buying from market? Well, where the fuck do you think the sellers of those calls get those shares from? They have to buy from market too, which is just them passing the heaping pile of shit they're currently holding to the poor fucks who have to cover those calls. Either way, a short squeeze happens.

You're doing a good job at not interrupting me. I might let you hold my balls tonight while I fuck your wife silly.

Q: Okay, so short ladder attacks are ineffective as long as nobody sells. But what if people are going to sell when it gets too low?! Aren't they scared like me?!

I'd trust you πŸ’ŽπŸ‘πŸ¦ with my life right now. That's how retarded I am. But you're a little pussy bitch reading this because you need some pure, raw, uncut hopium. Its okay, at some point we all hit that alluring drug. Regardless of my level of trust for you retards however, why don't you go and see for yourself if people are buying? Go to whatever trading chart site you feel has enough crayons to satisfy your insatiable appetite and look at volume on dips and subsequent rallies. Nobody is fucking selling. Not even on Thursday, when we experienced the most blatant market manipulation I've ever seen and a drop of over $300 in the span of just over 1 hour. Really, go take a look. I've taught you how to look for when people are selling and when people are buying, and when its just a ladder attack via the volume. Don't take my word for it, go look for yourself. And try not to eat all the crayons on your way there. Or, at least, save the blueberry ones for me. Fuck, I love the blueberry flavor.

Q: So if ladder attacks won't work no matter how low the price gets as long as us πŸ¦πŸ‘πŸ’Ž, then why is short interest being reported as less and less every day?

First of all, I didn't give you permission to speak. But I'll let it pass because you've been a good retard and that's a good question.

You could attribute it all to media manipulation and fake news, and you may very well be right. We won't know until FINRA short interest is reported in just over a week. But who knows, there's a huge probability hedge funds will lie on their report to FINRA (after all, it is only a measly fine). So I propose we ignore all reports right now and instead look at the facts:

- Hedge funds couldn't have covered with shares given the volume over the past week. Its mathematically impossible.

- If hedge funds try to short ladder attack the price to obscenely low levels and you silverback πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ’ŽπŸ‘, then they'll try covering via large call option purchases - but again, this doesn't prevent a short squeeze, only pass the buck.

What else can they do? Well, not anything else to cover - but they can hide the true short interest through a whole fuckton of very illegal means. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean they're covering their shorts - it only means they're hiding their shorts.

Read this post by u/DeeJay_Roomba. That's not a suggestion. It is seriously good DD backed by their sources.

Read it?

A: Yes.

Don't fucking lie to me. You just lost your ball holding privileges for tonight. Go read it, now.

They're fucking hiding in the grass. The punishment for all of this fraud and illegal manipulation is peanuts compared to the punishment of short squeeze, and this is how they're doing it. They haven't covered their short positions. The real short interest, which will be falsified on the FINRA report and is hidden by their scummy tactics, has been growing all along. Remember how, a week ago, some of you fucks were talking about how float short interest had risen above 140%? If the hedge funds are hiding their short positions this way - and keep in mind, again, there was no possible way for them to clear their short positions given your beautiful fucking πŸ’ŽπŸ‘, so hidden short interest is the only logical explanation now - the short interest has risen. By a fucking lot. There's really no way to know the real number, but who knows? It could be 180%, it could be 240%, it could infinity%. One thing for sure though - short interest, if hidden in this manner, has gone up.

Yes, there are a few other ways of hiding short interest, and I'd love for people in the comments to explain it, but I'm too retarded to explain them myself. Forgive me DFV, for I've been naughty and haven't done enough illegal short hiding DD.

Any other questions?

A: No daddy u/ssauronn. You've answered all my questions. I now know why short ladder attacks are entirely ineffective as long as people πŸ’ŽπŸ‘, and I know us fellow retards have already proven we'll πŸ’ŽπŸ‘ through drops nearing insanity, and I know how to check if retards are πŸ’ŽπŸ‘. I also know why short sellers are trapped, utterly trapped, in their doggy position as long as we hold the fucking line. Thanks daddy. You can fuck my wife now. I'll just go play some minecraft until you're done.

That's a good retard.

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