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Re: Lessons to be learned 

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Sat, 09 Jan 21 3:27 PM | 36 view(s)
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Excellent post, micro.

I think that, right up there with learning American History, students should study Russian and German History. Essential, life-altering information is there to be learned from all three.


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Lessons to be learned
By: micro
Sat, 09 Jan 21 2:43 PM
Msg. 10945 of 16041

IGNORANCE and Stupidity are close relatives.

Usually they go hand in hand. How so? Because ignorant people usually appear stupid because they are unlearned and unread and uneducated.

When they were in school they did not think it important to actually learn American HISTORY or know how this nation came to be and those who gave their lives, lost their fortunes and became paupers, so that these brainless wonders can live in the greatest, formerly most free nation in the world..

They don't know a damn thing about socialism or its history and countries that have had it and what happened to the people that were forced to live under it.

Yes, America is full of stupid people. All you have to do is look at another board on this website...

Then there are lessons to be learned from the COMPLACENT. You know, those that TALK a lot and do nothing.. Or they sit around and complain while doing nothing, not even getting off thier dead arses to go vote against socialism and communism.. Yet in the end, these will be among the very loudest mouths bemoaning what has happened and THEY were a large part of the problem of us being where we are today.

Then you have the class of folks who vote for Socialism because they actually think everything is really free. What a great sounding idea. They can now justify themselves sitting ont heir arses doing nothing and bitching about why they don't mmake $15.00 an hour.. Of course, these same people again, failed to understand basic economics and business mathematics. But then again, they likely never took any courses or classes in either.

I have observed and watched and heard so many empty headed morons as talk show hosts over the past couple of days, including newsmax which I turned off as well, that I will refuse to watch anything on television called news.

As for the country, its only as good as the people that are in it.
That does not speak well about MOST of the people in it.

DR. Glenn Beck , YES, DR Beck, was for a long time a hig school graduate. He realized he needed to educate himself and so he began to READ books. LOTS of them. IMportant topics like HISTORY, Government, CIVICS, as well as studying English and language arts.
He soon was able to test out and earn his bachelors degree. He then acquired his Masters. And finally, he is an accomplished PHD and voted into the radio broadasters Hall of Fame.. I don't always agree with his views and opinions.. But he speaks from his heart and when he talks about governmental issues and civics he usually is spot on. An example of one who relaized that actually LEARNING about the country and WHY WE ARE HERE, and HOW we got here and WHAT DID IT COST was important...

Today's voters of all ages are the most dynamically stupid and ignorant group to ever be able to cast a ballot.

Thomas Jefferson was not in favor of anyone and everyone being able to vote. He believed, rightly so, that one neded to have skin in the game of the world and laws you choose to live under as well as a working knowledge of how life and business actually work, how various things affect each other.. Like raising property taxes on real estate, for example. Or wages that are paid to an employee. Like Jefferson, I do not personally believe that everyone should be able to vote. There does need to be some standards that are MET and metrics that are understood and how those metrics affect not only themselves but other people as well. IF you do not undestand basic things like these, you should not be able to have power to force them on ANYONE ELSE, especially if you are not a business owner or a landlord or real property owner... Or just a citizen who goes to work daily and has to pay taxes and does so, so you know and understand how taxes affect your level of living..

High School students and college children should NOT have the right to vote and if you have been convicted of a crime you should NEVER be allowd to vote again.. It is a PRIVILEGE to participate and privileges should be earned..

EVERY man and woman who put on a Uniform and picked up a rifle and went off to fight and defend your country has provided that RIGHT to you by their BLOOD and their very lives. Voting should be almost SACRED because of the millions who shed blood and lost lives providing a land where we can actually govern ourselves.

Those who willingly choose to stay ILLITERATE, IGNORANT, STUPID AND DUMB and learn nothing about repsonsibilities and rights of others whould NOT be allowed to vote in my opinion.. The POLICIES of a political party NEED to be clearly understood as to their ramifications beofre ANYONE is allowed to cast a vote..

You may not agree with me. That's okay. I fought in a war willingly to give you the right to disagree and think differently. My perspective is going to be different than many. BUT in my view, being able to cast a ballot is a right that needs to have some minimm qualifications of the voter at least, not because Stacey Abrams showed up at your doorstep and volunteered to vote for you if you sign your name or make your mark. NONE of those people even knew what the hell they were allowing this communist traitor to vote for... They all think free is a great thing. Never occured to them that EVERYTHING COSTS money to produce, make, have, package, distribute, stock on shelves, etc, etc... AND furthermore, DEBTS are not FREE either as we have discussed ad infinitum here prviously many times.

I don't know who Mr. Bob invited over to his thread and I don't care. I don't understand what the words 'Don't Hate" mean. We try to discuss and educate and have conversations. We don't hate. We point out. We speak truth and understand civics and government and economics, and depending on our vocations and educations, much more than that. HATE? That is reserved for the members of another board....

Okay. I'm done. I'm pizzed because STUPID voted STUPIDLY with ZERO understanding of what the hell they were voting for. AND many dead people and lots more voted that were not even elegible but there's nothing to see here. Just ask any corrupt judge....

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