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Re: not being issued a weapon until you pass a class and demonstrate that you're qualified to shoot it... 

By: ribit in BAF | Recommend this post (1)
Fri, 09 Mar 18 12:09 AM | 21 view(s)
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...there was a politician of some description talking about gun control on da newz today. He was saying about new gun control laws after the florida school shootings. "Just because we cannot do EVERYTHING now doesn't mean we shouldn't do something". I suspect that the sumbitch meant that this ain't the end of his bitchin and complaining and grun grabbing ways


Liberals are like a "Slinky". Totally useless, but somehow ya can't help but smile when you see one tumble down a flight of stairs!

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Re: not being issued a weapon until you pass a class and demonstrate that you're qualified to shoot it...
By: micro
in BAF
Thu, 08 Mar 18 4:35 PM
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The Supreme Court did not rule that AR=15's were illegal to purchase.

I have shot numerous AR-15's. Have you?? They work exact same way as the hunting rifle I use. Actually the two hunting rifles I own. You squeeze the trigger. One bullet comes out.

BOTH do exact same thing and use the same exact same caliber bullet... WHAT is difference?????

THERE IS NONE. GUN GRABBERS want to pretend that there is something evil about an AR-15 rifle which looks really cute, and dressed up with plastic, and such.

IT IS NO DIFFERENT than my other rifle which does not have the look similar shoulder stock of a rifle that a real military grade and type weapon has.

GET THAT? NO DIFFERENCE.. IF itis okay to own semi-auto hunting rifles then AR-15's are okay. Thery are the exact same thing.

ONLY an AGENDA PUSHING IGNORANT of firearms person would open their NON-EDUCATED YAPS about an AR-15 and say thatthey are different than a semi-auto hunting rifle..

YOU PROVE our point when you do that. YOU KNOW NOTHING about rifles, how the wrok, or anything else. You simply want to grab as many guns as you can..


Because you believe and swallow all the ignorant, non-factual comments from the rest of the grab gun lefties who want to destroy the second amendment....

WOULD it have made any difference if the people who were murdered in ANY of the shootings, been shot with say a Winchester semi-automatic rifle????
They would still be just as dead.

The bullets could have been identically the same. The shooter would get one round fired per one squeeze of the trigger.....

Giving a rifle a halloween costume to make it look like something it is not, is all an AR-15 is and you and all the rest of the Constituion hating legion either are TOO STUPID to do even a tiny bit of looking, or you simply are using this as an excuse to try to erode the amendment, and in the long run, attempt to disarm the people.....

THAT is a fight YOU really do not want to pick. And that is one huge reason why countries think twice about invading us. ALL the people here who own and know how to use weapons....

YOU can thank me and everyone else for protecting you even though you really want to take my weapons from and YOU LIE about the Supreme COurt ruling that the AR-15 is not allowed to be sold or available.

There is NO SUCH THING as a civilian ASSAULT weapon....

THAT IS BULL SHIT. Period and end of story.... MADE UP WORD to fit the gun grab movement.... THAT is not the description of ANYTHING you can buy for your own personal possession.

TRY again.......This time with no outright lies. PLEASE give us all a link to this Supreme Court ruling that you brought up....

I know I will be dead before you can produce such a thing but you can try....

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