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Re: M16 rifle

By: zzstar in BAF | Recommend this post (0)
Thu, 08 Mar 18 8:58 PM | 29 view(s)
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Don”t really care what you held, nor care to remember what I held. It is an experiencing I took very little from, and hoped to never repeat it. I don’t give a shit about guns, assault weapons, bullets, calibers, and all that shit.

I am not ignorant. I JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT. And I do not care to learn anything more about it. It is one of the most boring subjects on my list.

As for the Supremes, they have not banned AR 15s specifically, but have only ruled in Heller for guns and long rifles, and Scalia went on to say that there is no right for such weapons in tne Constitution, and that no right is absolute, and that guns can be REGULATED.

Clear as a bell. I don’t speak in haste, but you seem to not understand context from the Supremes.

Again, all efforts since then to have the Supremes rule specifically and allow constitutionally AR 15s and similar weapons, have been DENIED!!!!

Congress let the BAN ON SUCH WEAPONS EXPIRE, AND the Supremes may eventually kill them for good, SOECIFICALLY!

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Re: M16 rifle
By: micro
in BAF
Thu, 08 Mar 18 8:46 PM
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DO you know what NVA Regulars, regiment strength in combat is like?

I not only held the weapons, I actually used them in combat. So please, ZZ, you don't want or need to go that route. I could ask a whole series of questions but won't.

If you think you have held heavier weaponry than me, please tell me the weight of the shells for the howitzers that I was loading while firing on enemy position several miles away... You haven't a clue about weaponry and don't know the difference between a military full auto assault weapon as opposed to a dinky little rifle that is just a semi auto dressed up like a match box car is to look like something it AIN'T. It's to get people to buy it because they cannot get their hands on a real, military grade full auto assault and tactical rifle..

PLease, find out where the SUPREMES outlawed, banned, whatever AR-15's for sale to the public.... POST THE LINK.

IF YA CANNOT, then just admit you spoke in haste and in hoping it might be true.

A Bren is a lightweight machine gun with about a 500 -600 yard range.. WHY?

You going to compare that to what???

You ever been war with people trying to kill you ZZ?
Like everyday? Real MORTARS raining down on your position like it is snowing? Or a couple regiments of NVA trying to flank you while firing countless rounds of ammo past your ears and throwing hand grenades while you are trying to avoid being hit by a mortar round?

PLease. I am the wrong person to play the weapons game with.

Try someone else....

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