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Re: And we thought we had problems! 

By: ribit in POPE IV | Recommend this post (3)
Wed, 03 Jan 18 6:46 PM | 31 view(s)
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I used to be superman

...sometimes I am only half as fast as a speeding bullet (half fast) and there is a locomotive or two out there that can give me a tussel and sometimes it takes two or three bounds to get over a tall building, but I am still Superman! Soon as this bad hips, shoulders, knees, stuff clears up I will meet ya at Parris Island and we will race thru the obstacle course and show them youngsters how it's done.


Liberals are like a "Slinky". Totally useless, but somehow ya can't help but smile when you see one tumble down a flight of stairs!

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Re: And we thought we had problems!
By: micro
Wed, 03 Jan 18 6:18 PM
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My wife his what was left from me then gave it away and put me on a diet....

I lost 8 pounds since last week at this time....

She's hard core I'm tellin ya... Then she took sugar away from me and is making me eat things small......

What a way to lose weight.... but its working.....

The object really is to lose some and see if it will help with that pinched nerve and bulging discs and lessen the pain..

Gotta love her... She is thinking about me and doesn't like to see me like this.. I used to be superman.

Now I can't get out of a wet paper bag.... much less off a laying down position on the sofa....

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