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Re: Sooooo much destruction! 

By: micro in BAF | Recommend this post (1)
Mon, 01 Jan 18 1:27 PM | 65 view(s)
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Pregressive is another word for the end and destruction of the Democratic Republic, replaced with a version and mix of collectivism/socialism/fascism.

Of course all the heads of this glorious state would be faaaaaaaaaaarrr left communists and socialists.....

The End Of America as it has been known since 1776....

None of those morons on another board even think about HOW or WHY this country has remained the reatest nation on planet earth, and provides the HIGHEST living standards in the world.

Our peope who are on food stamps make more money than 90 percent of the rest of the world's population...

They are too blind, utterly ignorant, and just STOOOOPID to look up facts, know History, including WORLD HISTORY, or so any thinking about how fortunate we are to have made it this long as the only democratic government in the world when we declared our independence from King George the third.

There is NOBOGDY on that worthless board worth even talking to. It would be like talking to a 2 year old...

Correction: Not LIKE, IT IS...


micro.... Very Happy

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Re: Sooooo much destruction!
By: Zimbler0
in BAF
Fri, 29 Dec 17 6:12 PM
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Decomposed> It still hasn't dawned on clo that "The Swamp" is synonymous with "Progressivism."

As I'm sure you already know, what the 'Progressives'
call 'progressivism' is anything but. In fact, the
reality seems to be 'them' saying 'put me in control
so I can pillage and plunder the treasury'.


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