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Re: December 23, 1776

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Wed, 27 Dec 17 3:35 PM | 104 view(s)
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Boo. I had the wrong man.

But the argument is the same. He's describing sovereignty. The English claim was entirely legitimate, except against the native Americans, and they weren't the ones disputing it.

If you read the Jamestown charter, you will see that America's first colonists knew the deal. The Virginia Company held the territory “in free and common soccage only, and not in Capite.” It was a feudal arrangement. The company was a tenant and not a landowner.

I am on the US side that it was time for you to have your independence. But the arguments are such balls.

You won the war fair and square. But that was the argument of power. Legally, no reasonable jury would have given the colonists a win.

Merry Xmas to you and clo. Yes. Good one. Hope the csl family is also well.

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Re: December 23, 1776
By: xcslewis
Wed, 27 Dec 17 11:11 AM
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I posted it for my own reasons, it was written by Thomas Paine. It was perfect for the purpose at the time. The Union would not have achieved independence if not for Thomas Paine.

Belated Merry Christmas by the way. Hope all is well with you & yours.

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