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Re: And don't think I am kidding when I say that ... 

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Sat, 23 Dec 17 1:27 PM | 83 view(s)
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Good morning Zim!

you bring up some wonderful points regarding you personally growing up with people of color throughout your life, your service for which I Thank You, and your workplace.

The reason it is unfortunate is because of the FACTS you added on at the end of your post.

The folks who are different ethnicities than being of European descent as most so called "white" people, who actually work in Professions, are not much different than any of us. They are decent people who want the same things you and I do in life and for our kids.

THOSE are the exceptions.
The others who remain uneducated, growing up being taught that all white people are evil and did nothing to acquire whatever it is that they have, and that they are fully entitled to it for that reason.

Remember OBAMA'S famous remark about "you did not make that"?

Another uneducated RACIST black liberal....

HATE is unfortunately something that is TAUGHT in many black homes regarding Caucasian skinned people. The kids here it at early age and throughout their impressionable years and then believe it as FACT...

They think stealing, drug businesses, and shooting people is perfectly normal... Not going to work every day to earn a real living is something not required.

There is no concept of working for what you get or can save .......

Consequently, most BLACK communities are like WAR ZONES and the few good black people who live there are trapped and live, rightly so, in fear of their lives, for their children, and wish they could escape........

It becomes a catch 22 for SOME of them. One of the very smartest people I ever met is a black man who was a neurosurgeon. Like Ben Carson.

I had several professional Black men work in my engineering cell at companies I was starting out my career at. I went to school with black students my whole life. I had black friend. I have brother Marines who happen to be Black that made it back home with me, who fought alongside me, bled alongside me, and had my back, and I had theirs.

But you make a very interesting, and sadly true point about living in a predominant Black city or populace and its condition......

I don;t understand it. Most of my brothers in my Platoon don;t live in large metro areas. They are rural folks and many are self employed like me. They work hard and I would fight alongside any of them again.

I wish I knew what the solution to all this really is but like you, I don't and I wonder why also....

Why can't we all just be people, and not colors?
I think if we got rid of TAGS things could get better.

The real problem in my view is extreme Progressive Communism/Fascism/socialism.
Brainwashing so many ignorant otherwise decent people...

Great Post Zim! Gave me pause for thought......

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Re: And don't think I am kidding when I say that ...
By: Zimbler0
in BAF
Fri, 22 Dec 17 6:06 PM
Msg. 00640 of 03406

I'm not sure if I can write this . . .

I see this like a pendulum.

Once upon a time the pendulum was swung far in the direction of 'white privilege' . . .
Poll taxes, Jim Crow laws . . . KKK lynch mobs . . .

And then those laws were stricken down in the courts and the KKK was curbed
to near extinction. At first glance those were good things. Equal rights
is a goal to be pursued.

The Military was integrated. Busing was instituted to integrate the schools.
Affirmative action in hiring and higher education was enacted to try to bring
the black minority up to a par with the white majority.

All of my adult life I have been in an integrated environment. Blacks and whites
in my high schools. Blacks whites and others in the Army I enlisted in.
All races in the junior college I went to and I work in an integrated
work place. Folks of all races creeds and colors go shopping in the
stores where I shop and I see all that as a good thing.

But the pendulum swings.
These days I see BLM activists demanding that black criminals not be
prosecuted for their crimes. I see black fruitloops demanding whites give
up their houses and other things they worked hard to acquire in the name
of 'equality'. I saw the Obama administration refuse to chastise blacks
for knocking whites out with one punch just because they was white.

And now we got some supposedly white folks pushing the pendulum further
pretending somehow being white is a crime.

I'd like to beat them upside the head and tell them two things.

1.) Careful. Push the pendulum too far and there will be a massive counter-reaction.

2.) Take an honest serious look at every black majority country on
this planet. How many of them would you really like to live in?

Lets take this a step further.
Look at every place in these United States where there is a serious
black majority. What are the crime rates in those areas compared to
the crime rates in the rest of the country?


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