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Re: My boss is scaring me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ribit 

By: micro in POPE IV | Recommend this post (5)
Thu, 02 Nov 17 11:10 AM | 92 view(s)
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may I ask how long ago that was you came up with that "good" idea?

I mean, it is a good example of what people of the opposite gender will see differently than we do.

What inspires your seemingly endless pool of funny, humorous things, whether they are actions or just your daily perspectives and sense of humor?

You my friend , at least in my view, appear to be ONE very happy or content person who is comfortable in his own skin and has a way of looking at things that always finds the bright and funny side.

I wish I had more of that attribute.

No telling what one is going to read or see when reading one of King Ribit's posts! I spit my coffee this morning on my keyboard already.

Thanks for your humor sire! It is needed...

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Re: My boss is scaring me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
By: ribit
Thu, 02 Nov 17 2:58 AM
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...ya never know what women will find amusing and what they won't. I had a popcorn box with a hole in the bottom in my lap in the theatre once and asked mz ribit if she wanted some. She reached in the bag and was not in the least bit amused.

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